PHOTOS: Disney’s Riviera Resort and Skyliner Station – Construction Update 9/4/19


PHOTOS: Disney’s Riviera Resort and Skyliner Station – Construction Update 9/4/19

We’re getting closer and closer to the December opening of Disney’s Riviera Resort, the new Disney Vacation Club location in Walt Disney World. Let’s see how things have progressed since our last update.

Disney Skyliner – Riviera Resort Station

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Let’s start with the Riviera Resort’s Skyliner station, as it will be (technically) the first thing opening. This station will probably be a pass-through only until the Resort itself opens in December.

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It looks about finished! The landscaping is mostly done, and the pathways are almost all in place.

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The gates at the entrance are an interesting touch. None of the other stations seem to have anything like that.

rivieraskyliner8 21 19 13

This side of the station goes towards Epcot.

rivieraskyliner8 21 19 14

This side crosses over Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort to the junction station. From there you can either go to Disney’s Hollywood Studios or the Art of Animation and Pop Century Resorts.

rivieraskyliner8 21 19 15

rivieraskyliner8 21 19 11

I’m looking forward to taking a spin on this thing!

Disney’s Riviera Resort

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Nothing major has changed since our last update, just a lot of little things. At this stage in construction, it’s always a million tiny flourishes that need to be finished.

rivieraskyliner8 21 19 3

It’s starting to come together. They’ve planted a lot more palm trees than I was expecting, along with several smaller trees.

rivieraskyliner8 21 19 4

There’s still a lot of landscaping left to do on the backside of the building, it seems.

rivieraskyliner8 21 19 6

rivieraskyliner8 21 19 5

Here you can see the rooftop restaurant, Topolino’s Terrace.

rivieraskyliner8 21 19 18

It should provide some excellent views of the surrounding areas.

rivieraskyliner8 21 19 1

The pool slide seems about finished, as well.

rivieraskyliner8 21 19 19

The rockwork came out very nicely.

rivieraskyliner8 21 19 16

rivieraskyliner8 21 19 17

They’re hard at work on the details along the first floor. The brickwork gives it a European flair. On the left in this photo is the covered walkway that leads to the Skyliner station.

We’ll keep you updated as Disney’s Riviera Resort pushes on towards its expected December Grand Opening. Are you a DVC member or planning on staying at the new Resort? Let us know!

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  1. I don’t remember the landscaping in the French Riveira being dominated by palm trees when I was there.. It was two years ago, maybe I’m mistaken.

  2. Hi. Yes we are. We joined on our last trip in April. Bought into the Riviera and will be going for the first time in late January.

  3. My sister seems to think we can catch a Riviera room to add a nite on our OKW trip thru Hotel app in December for under $200.
    Wish us luck :D lol, who knows? Vacancies may be high that first week open before the holiday force shows up.

  4. So you really think the Riviera station will be only a pass-through until the resort opens? We’re staying at Caribbean Beach at opening and were hoping to be able to walk to this station instead of the CB station to get to Epcot.

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