PHOTOS: Disney’s Riviera Resort Construction Update 8/10/19 (New Marquee, Light Poles, Pool Slide, ETC.)

In our last Riviera Resort construction update, we took a look at a newly-installed Skyliner sign over by the Skyliner station, some new support beams around the area, and as always, the Riviera pool slide. This trip, we spotted even more new progress on Disney’s newest DVC property, including some new light fixtures, an all-new marquee atop the tower, and more!

Starting at the tunnel by the Skyliner station, it looks like some signage is going up inside. There is also a door off to the left side.

The tunnel will likely be the entryway to the resort from the Skyliner Station.

Safety railings continue to be installed along the pathway leading up to the Skyliner station. Some more concrete path has also been put in place around the area. You can also see some very light greenery around the trees.

Earlier in the week, we brought you a first look at the all-new gold marquee that has been installed atop the new tower. I think it looks really nice!

That little hut and awning we’ve been keeping an eye on are progressing well. It looks to be nearing completion.

To the very far right side of the construction zone, a new structure looks to be getting built.

Here’s a look at the safety railings and greenery around the resort.

On the top floor, the row of columns from our last report have since had decorative poles added to the tops.

Speaking of light fixtures, these new light poles have been added along the walkway near the pool area. They are still wrapped in a white tarp, but it’s nice to see more progress in the area.

Some of the light poles have double lights on them, like the ones on the right side.

On the opposite end of the Skyliner entrance tunnel, a piece of scaffolding is up as crews work on the area above.

Over toward the main lobby area, glass panels have been installed, as well as some detailing around the top and sides. This area is coming together really well!

Finally, the columns around the walkways of the resort have new brickwork and appear to be finishing up also.

It looks as though the resort is getting ready to wrap up construction ahead of its scheduled December opening. As always, check back to for the latest looks at Disney’s Riviera Resort!

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