PHOTOS: Disney’s Riviera Resort 7/29/19 Construction Update (Skyliner Sign, New Support Beams, Pool Slide Progress, ETC.)

Disney’s newest DVC hotel, Riviera Resort, continues moving full speed ahead with construction. We’ve seen many new advancements in the hotel’s construction and today, we spotted even more! Let’s take a look.

Earlier last week, we brought you a first look at the new Skyliner sign for Disney’s Riviera station. The station is expected to open later this year along with the new resort.

The walkway connecting the Skyliner Station to the hotel has safety railings being put into place. We spotted some workers installing the railing.

There’s also some railing being installed over by the pool area. As you can see, there is a ton of greenery in place, as well as some railing running across the front.

These huts don’t appear to have progressed at all since our last update.

The pool slide still has some scaffolding in place, but the rockwork looks near complete and the slide is ready to be unveiled.

Some of the columns lining the building are finishing up initial construction and are ready to be painted.

On the other side, these columns are still very much under construction.

On the opposite side, the columns are filled in and look just about complete.

A man was hosing down some of the new columns on the left side of the hotel. You can also see the color difference in the archway here.

Some of the columns have windows installed in the middle.

On the top floor, these beams were covered in a blue tarp for a while. Some of them have since been uncovered, revealing the finished product.

Here’s a better look at the row of columns that are now uncovered.

There is an interesting rope running from the top floor to the bottom.

The overall hotel is shaping up really well ahead of its December opening.

We leave you this week with a great shot of a Skyliner gondola on the Riviera line with the night moon in the background.

Stay tuned to for all the latest on Riviera construction as we approach the grand opening!

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1 year ago

This was a beautiful ,lush resort before they built this.