VIDEO: Watch The Debut Showing of “Epcot Forever”, The New Nighttime Spectacular at Epcot

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Last night, we bid farewell to IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth, and tonight we said hello to the new Epcot nighttime spectacular, “Epcot Forever.”

Epcot Forever takes us on a journey through the past, present, and future using moving music, lasers, fountains and illuminated kites.


This show isn’t going to be around long as “HarmonioUS” is set to debut in May 2020, but with its classic Epcot tunes and more, we’re sure to keep coming back. I particularly liked the retro Epcot songs, like “Tomorrow’s Child”, “One Little Spark”, and “Makin’ Memories”… but many feel divided over the choice of song for closing out the show. In any case, the kites are cool, the torches are still lit, and we still need time and a few show reworkings for it to grow on us.

Check out our video below for the first-ever showing of this brand new fireworks spectacular!

What do you think of the new show? Are you missing IllumiNations, or are you in love with Epcot Forever? Leave us a comment below!

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Just watched it on line… Everyone loved fireworks… I liked the music from Epcot Attractions, but it would have been best to use actual sound tracks instead of re-sung sound a likes… Since those who remember the old attractions would most be inspired by the connection with original music… There was little use of country pavilions and everything seem mostly centralised. Could have been longer, but overall i thought it was OK. Not a spectacular, and not a horror ruined by frozen let it go… The use of Walt Disney’s voice and statements were the MOST INSPIRING part, and since… Read more »


Although it kind of made sense at the end of the show, they still couldn’t resist throwing in an IP song to close it out. Out of all of the old and new Epcot songs, I’m sure they could’ve used a different closer. But, overall it looks pretty good for a temporary show.