Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary Logo and Iridescent Cinderella Castle Revealed; All Four Parks to Host Resort-Wide Celebration

Jessica Figueroa

23 thoughts on “Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary Logo and Iridescent Cinderella Castle Revealed; All Four Parks to Host Resort-Wide Celebration”

  1. I don’t require all the banners, and cup cakes…

    Just bring back the feeling of MAGIC that was once so abundant…

    Make EVERY GUEST feel as they are the most important person in the world just because they are there…

    Remove the feeling that some Guests are better then others.

    That is all that anyone could want or need.

    • Randyland ,
      ” Make EVERY GUEST feel as they are the most important person in the world just because they are there…
      Remove the feeling that some Guests are better then others.”
      But that would all also include some guests needing to remove that feeling that their wishes or their vision of what Disney is or should be is more important than that of all of the other guests and the Disney People who MAKE THE MAGIC ,
      not just sitting down and doing absolutely nothing with their lives but making posts about what they want others to do that they know will never happen .
      How about just plain and simply stop the pestering because pestering Disney over things that you have no control over and that they do winds up turning itself ultimately into negativity towards Disney all in itself and always know that every time you fuss there is always someone out there who would love to have that opportunity if it were offered and afforded to them .

    • I think it was the 25th that everyone that came through the gate got something. most of the time it was a small button but sometimes it could be a bigger gift. it was so much fun to see what you got when coming into MK.

    • Pepper Tree Villa
      One problem with that . The 50th Anniversary Logos at Disneyland ( The Gold Mouse Ears ) are unique to Disneyland’s Celebration .
      Maybe that’s why you are seeing Walt Disney World using a different logo to symbolize their 50th Anniversary .
      Have you ever thought of that ?

  2. Have they announced a date when the festivities will start? I imagine May…..but I’d hope they celebrate all year long.

  3. I like it a lot actually. Sometimes Disney can go overboard on their anniversary design motifs, and I like the simplicity and elegance of this one. Love the rainbow shimmer to it as well.

  4. The 25th anniversary castle cake was a slap in the face to the Imagineers that designed and got it built. It was almost as bad as the 2000 overlay across Spaceship Earth of which I’m certain John Hench is still rolling over in his grave.

    I realize it is the 50th anniversary and something grand must be done but not something gawdy. As an Imagineer once said, sometimes you can get as much of a reaction out of an audience from an eyebrow raise as opposed to flailing one’s hands up and down. Tasteful and elegant will go much farther in the recognition of WDW’s anniversary. Something that pays tribute to the initial decade in which it all started, the 1970s, yet also points to an optimistic future.

  5. Personally, I think it should be easy to top the 25th anniversary “birthday cake” design of the castle, because I was not a fan of that look.

  6. ” (Why they couldn’t have come up with a shade of gold is beyond us, but I guess they couldn’t come up with another made-up, on-trend color for the celebration.) ”
    On one side , I thank you for FINALLY touching on the 50th Anniversary of Walt Disney World coming in 2021 because I hope that this finally leads into them giving the launch dates for this celebration because My Family and I are planning for WDW in 2021 for My 43rd Birthday and I do hope to wind up celebrating My 43rd Birthday in September of 2021 and catching Walt Disney World’s 50th Anniversary at the same time .
    On the other side , Do you all remember when Disney responded to you all on their blog without mentioning you all over the Country Bear Jamboree ?
    You’d better watch it . They will serve it to you again .

      • Tom Corless ,
        Long story short , what Disney chooses to do on its’ properties they will do regardless of you say or anyone else says so quit trying to front . No , I am not saying that I like cancelations because it has people running around fighting for something to do in the parks .
        In fact , I brought that up to some of the Disney Cast Members when I was there in September of 2017 for a week for
        My 38th Birthday when Project Tomorrow was shut down and It’s a Small World was shut down.
        I asked them face to face what are they going to do when the parks are crowded and people are fighting each other for things to do .
        Maybe that’s where some of these price hikes are coming from .
        Haven’t you even thought about there being 2 sides to everything Disney does ?
        Maybe what they are trying to do is make space to serve something fresh and new to keep everything fresh without having to build more and using more space or resources than they have to and wind up having to charge more than they already are when it comes to admission , maybe that’s what ” serve it to us ” means .
        By the way , thank you for the coverage on what’s going on in the Disney Parks and in Walt Disney World but keep up the jokes and the ” constructive criticism ” because I love seeing the exchanges between you and Disney .

  7. I am sure Rob and Tyler can design much better and more celebratory logos for Magic Kingdom”s 50th.

  8. I heard that the castle overlay was going to be a rose gold glitter. I personally was a fan of the birthday castle cake for the 25th but realize I am in the minority. I did make it out to Disneyland for their 50th and I remember the golden Mickey Ears. Also Sleeping Beauty Castle had crowns reflecting each decade of Disneyland’s history.

  9. I like the pastel rainbow shimmer pattern. I hope they make a pretty pair of Minnie Ears in those colors.

  10. I would prefer the castle to be in gold as 50th does = gold. I was just at WDW recently I did enjoy myself and I do get to do what I set out to do yet I feel the “magic”, in some areas has disappeared or sadly lacking. There are times I sense Disney is attempting to do, too much, too fast. I was in WDW for the 25th Anniversary and I loved the cake version of the castle because it was so different.

  11. I actually like the iridescent & am excited for the new updates. I plan on going to Disney World solo in 2021 for my Birthday, that is also on Oct 1

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