VIDEO: New Official Trailer and Poster Released for “Disney’s Jungle Cruise”; Premieres July 2020!

Check out the backside of water in this new official trailer for Disney’s “Jungle Cruise” movie, in theaters July 24th, 2020!

In addition to the official trailer, a new cinematic poster has also been revealed:

If you still aren’t pumped for this movie, you’re in de-Nile. And for those worried about potential implications for the classic attraction, Disney has stated in the past that no changes are planned for The Jungle Cruise… at least for now.

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2 years ago

I feel NO excitement, or energy, as is felt on the Jungle Cruise ride…

The skipper is has no personality, and I did not like Emily Blunt as Mary Poppins, and I don’t care for here either.

The concept of the movie on the ride is a good one…

But i see this as an upcoming disappointment…

At least the promotion trailer does nothing to make me want to see the picture, and the whole point of the trailer is to tease you with the best clips…

I hope it is a great film, but i predict it is not.

2 years ago

Apparently Jack Whitehall isn’t in it according to the poster and trailer. He’s one of the three humans in the poster and gets no credit or clips in the trailer? Weird.