WDW News Tonight Weekly Recap – Episode 109 (10/24/19): Top 7 Scariest Attractions, The Wonderful World of Psychotic Comments, Details On Our Fairly Scary Halloween Party, and More!

If you happened to miss this week’s episode of WDW News Tonight, we’ve got you covered! Below is a full recap of all the fun and madness that you missed, along with the full episode for you to watch:

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Before we recap the madness for you however, we would like to tell you about the next episode of WDW News Tonight- our Fairly Scary Halloween Party! You won’t want to miss out on all the ghoulish treats we have in store for you, including Cornac the Magnificent, a spooky story contest and a ghostly seance. Audience members will be able to take part in our costume contest and there will even be a full treat trail around the studio (with zero long lines!) to bring in the Halloween spirit. If you would like to submit a spooky story for our contest, email us the scariest thing that could happen to the Disney Parks to [email protected] All stories submitted before October 28th will be considered, however Please keep your submissions under 500 words. For more information on the contest, click here. The winner will be decided by our studio audience and will win a grand prize, good luck foolish mortals.

The Wonderful World of Psychotic Comments

The Wonderful World of Psychotic Comments brings you our favorite comments of the week on various WDWNT articles. Read some highlights from this segment below:

Bob Iger Defends Marvel Films After Disparaging Comments Made by Martin Scorsese

Hilly: “Coming from the guy who made Godfather 3. Not sure it’s wise to throw stones.”

Child Attacked by Anteater During Disney Cruise Line Offshore Excursion; Family Now Seeking Damages

Ken G: “One more thing: ANTEATERS DO NOT HAVE TEETH! They use their tongue to lap up ants. So this whole thing is bogus and a money grab!”

Jim C: “I don’t believe the child was truly Attacked by an Anteater. Anteaters have very Long, very Sharp claws used for digging and defense/attack. They can inflict serious damage immediately.”

Ken G in response to another commenter: “So baby goats and lambs scare you do they? Then don’t go in! Take responsibility for your own actions. And by the way, this was a third-party facility, not owned by Disney. And who goes to Cartagena, Colombia anyway? They’re lucky it was only an anteater that attacked them!”

Cast Members Now Allowed Necklaces and Longer Beards with Updated “Disney Look” Appearance Standards at Parks and Resorts

Rena: “Well with this happening, can we PLEASE get some control with guest dress code??? I for one am sick and tired of seeing butts hanging out of too short of shorts and crop tops showing rolls of fat. I mean come people, have some decorum and take pride in how you look. This is supposed to be a “family” theme park after all and I don’t want to sit at a table or on the seat of a ride where someone’s “stuff” has been on. It’s just too out of control and needs to be reigned back in.”

Bob: “Every time someone writes the phrase “Walt is turning in his grave,” Walt, Roy and Lillian all turn in their graves…”

Marie in response to another commenter: “I promise you, Walt doesn’t care. He would have hated you though…”

Chewbacca: “Everyone complaining about the lack of magic when they see people with beards needs to get over themselves quick. There’s nothing magical about clean-shaven people! Besides, some of the most magical people in fiction have beards: Merlin, Gandalf, Dumbledore…”

Watch the full segment of The Wonderful World of Psychotic Comments here:

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Disney Parks Clue 2019 Edition

There’s been a robbery! Buzzy has gone missing from the Iconic Wonders of Life Pavilion and it’s up to you to crack the case. Watch the advert for the new board game, available to purchase at Mouse Gear and all-new sterile white gift shops at Disney parks.

Top 7 (7? Yeah, 7!) of Something Disney

This week we’re bringing you the top 7 (yeah, 7) scariest attractions of all time- each of our panelists picks their choice for the scariest attraction of all time and we discuss and choose the final ranking.

With much deliberation and some raised voices, we finally decided upon our ranking. Check it out below.

1. ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter

2. The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror™

3. It’s Tough to be a Bug® attraction, inspired by the Disney•Pixar film A Bug’s Life

4. DINOSAUR attraction

5. Snow White’s Scary Adventures

6. Primeval Whirl® attraction

7. The current Journey Into Imagination with Figment

Do you agree with our ranking? What attraction would you have added to our list?


Last, but not least, get your weekly dose of Disney Parks news with a comedic (sometimes sardonic) twist in this episode’s monologue, delivered in deadpan perfection by our very own Tom Corless:

That’s all for this week, but stay tuned for the next WDW News… TONIGHT!

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