A Terminally Ill “Star Wars” Fan Is Granted Wish To See “Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker” Early

A terminally ill patient has been granted his wish of seeing “Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker” before the official release date of December 20th. The patient will share a private viewing with his son.

The request was made this week by Rowans Hospice in Hampshire, England via Twitter with hopes that someone would be able to help and pass the message on to those at Lucasfilm and Disney.

On Thanksgiving Day, Bob Iger confirmed that the patient’s wish had been granted.

Lisa Davies, who was the a healthcare worker that made the request know to those at Rowans Hospice, shared her feelings of the great news.

“We totally appreciate that Disney have had to move mountains to make this happen. The response from everyone, including the Star Wars community, has been absolutely phenomenal over the last few days. We also want to thank the media for covering the story and totally respecting the privacy of the family.”

Source: BBC News

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