Disney CEO Bob Iger Teaches Business Strategy & Leadership in New MasterClass Series

Have you ever wondered why Disney CEO Bob Iger makes certain decisions? Well, you’re in luck, because he might just tell you.

In cooperation with the online education platform MasterClass, Iger has taught a 13 lesson course in business strategy and leadership.

MasterClass states in their information on the course will cover a wide variety of business and creative areas:

“In Bob’s MasterClass, learn the Disney CEO’s strategies for evolving a brand in an age of disruption and leading with integrity, courage, and optimism. Through case studies and lessons from Bob’s 45 years in media, learn the strategy behind some of Disney’s boldest moves and biggest acquisitions, including Marvel, Pixar, and Lucasfilm. Bob will teach you his take on the art of negotiation, risk management, and evolving a brand. He’ll also share his core tenets of leadership and teach you how to embrace change and take smarter risks so you can reap greater rewards in your company and career.”

The course description includes some corporate history lessons, such as how and why Disney acquired Pixar and Marvel, but also Iger’s advice on business staples such as effective time management and the art of negotiation.

This series also comes out in the wake of Iger’s recently released business advice autobiography, “The Ride of a Lifetime.”

This single course can be viewed for $90, or via a MasterClass subscription, which is $15 a month.

For more information, check out the MasterClass course hub.

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