DISNEY+ REVIEW: “Forky Asks A Question” and “Pixar In Real Life” Episode 1

Pixar fans, buckle up! We’re going on an emotional voyage to asks some of the most important existential questions on Earth. The first episodes of both “Pixar In Real Life” and “Forky Asks A Question” debuted yesterday with the launch of Disney+.

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The addition of Forky to the Toy Story universe was arguably the best decision since adding Buzz to Andy’s room! It came to no surprise after watching the childlike spork interact with the world around him in “Toy Story 4”, that “Forky Asks a Question” was going to be both funny and simple for younger viewers to understand.

Episode 1 – “What is Money?” is a comical and very short interaction between Forky and our favorite piggy bank, Hamm. Forky gets very distracted as Hamm tries his best to explain what money is and what you can do with it. The episode is geared towards very young viewers, but even the young at heart will find it enjoyable and funny. “What is Money?” is just 3 minutes long, but should really be twice as long.

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“Pixar In Real Life” takes your favorite Pixar characters like Wall-E, Russell, and Dash from the 3-D computer animated world into yours. Shot in and around New York City, this reality hidden-camera like show will bring a smile to your face.


Just like the 2015 film “Inside Out”, parkgoers were surprised to emotionally control hidden actors in the park in Episode 1 – “Inside Out: Console in the Park”. As they started to push buttons and pull levers, they quickly started to notice the effect they had on certain people in front of the console. Going through all of the different emotions, from happy, sad, mad, and even disgusted, it was nice to always see someone on the controls decide that they should be happy at the end.

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We are definitely looking forward to the following episodes of both “Forky Asks a Question” and “Pixar In Real Life”! These both make us think about what future episodes can bring to life, and what trivial question could be asked next. Let us know what you thought about these two episodes. Which out of the two was your favorite?