PHOTOS: New Rose Gold, Mickey Mouse, and “it’s a small world” Adult Onesies Get Cozy at the Magic Kingdom

While it’s 89 degrees and balmy here in Orlando, we hear fall has arrived in other parts of the world. These new comfy, cozy onesies that have appeared at Star Traders in the Magic Kingdom will be perfect for chilly fall and winter nights coming up. There are four styles to choose from and each retails for $69.99. A Haunted Mansion style is also available at Memento Mori. The best part? They all have pockets!

Rose Gold Walt Disney World Onesie

Rose gold onesie (1)

This onesie is black with rose gold text down the side, reading “Walt Disney World.” The inside is lined with rose gold material, and the hood features rose gold sequined ears and a bow. This onesie has short sleeves, which seems like an interesting choice for a garment meant to cover and warm the whole body.

Rose gold onesie (2) Rose gold onesie (4) Rose gold onesie (3)

Minnie Mouse Onesie

Minnie onesie (1)

The Minnie Mouse onesie features a red body with Minnie’s signature white polka dots. The inside is black material, and the hood has black ears and a red bow. This onesie also has short sleeves, which are black.

Minnie onesie (2) Minnie onesie (4) Minnie onesie (3)

Mickey Mouse Onesie

Mickey onesie (1)

The Mickey Mouse onesie mimics Mickey’s classic style. The body of the onesie has a black top half, red “pants” with white buttons, and yellow long sleeves. It is lined with black material and features plain black mouse ears.

Mickey onesie (4) Mickey onesie (3) Mickey onesie (2)

Fantasyland Onesie

Fantasyland onesie (1)

The Fantasyland onesie is a blue shade throughout the body with a print featuring classic Fantasyland rides like Small World, the Mad Tea Party teacups, a flying Dumbo, and carousel horses. This onesie is lined with hot pink material and has long sleeves. The Fantasyland onesie is the only one of these onesies that has no ears.

Fantasyland onesie (2) Fantasyland onesie (3) Fantasyland onesie (4)

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  1. I still maintain the opinion that onesies without feet attached are useless things. =D Last Friday’s Christmas party was perfect onesie weather, quite a few people were rocking them in the rain!

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