PHOTOS: New Haunted Mansion Onesie Haunts Its Way Into Memento Mori at the Magic Kingdom

If you find that your home has turned delightfully unlivable, with each room featuring hot and cold running chills, you may be interested in picking up the latest piece of Haunted Mansion merchandise.

Haunted Mansion Onesie - $64.99


This brand new Haunted Mansion hooded “onesie” was spotted at Memento Mori at the Magic Kingdom and costs $64.99. The onesie is made up of a mismatched fabric featuring the haunting purple wallpaper and a solid black color.

Haunted Mansion Onesie - $64.99

On the front black panel of fabric, we see the iconic Haunted Mansion font in a glow in the dark green color. This one piece features a zipper that allows the wearer to slip in and out of it with ease. There is also elastic drawstrings on the hood so the wearer can tighten the hood around their head if they so choose.

Haunted Mansion Onesie - $64.99

The back continues the same pattern, even continuing on the hood as well. These eyes on the wallpaper will be sure to follow you around throughout the night.

It seems that with the immortal popularity of the Haunted Mansion, Doom Buggies keep arriving with new merchandise featuring the beloved attraction. Back in August we saw a whole new line of merchandise arrive before the 50th anniversary, and now it seems that a more and more items keep materializing over time. Make sure to keep checking in for all the latest Haunted Mansion items that continue to make their way to Memento Mori.

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Victor Riley
Victor Riley
10 months ago

Is this available for men as well? I love the Haunted Mansion!