PHOTOS: New Mickey Mouse Fidget Pencils Arrive at Walt Disney World

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Move over Mickey-shaped pencils, there’s a new design in town. While walking through The Emporium today, we came across some adorable additions to the Disney stationery family: Mickey Mouse Fidget Pencils.

These new pencils each feature a different item from Mickey Mouse’s closet adorning decorative grips. Fidget pencils, much like fidget spinners or other gadgets, help keep people concentrated during tasks or let off excess energy.

Mickey Pants Pencil – $7.99

Mickey Ears Pencil – $7.99

Mickey Gloves Pencil – $7.99

Each item can be slid or twisted up or down on the bumper which adds a cute little fun detail to what would have been a normal pencil.

So what do you think? Would you rather get a new Mickey design or stick with the old Mickey-shaped ones from your 90’s nostalgia? Even if the shape did make it impossible to use the eraser…

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11 months ago

Are they available outside of the parks? My son has adhd & could use this so bad in school. We don’t have our app’s yet, we just moved to Florida, but I could make a trip to Disney springs is needed!!!