PHOTO REPORT: Disney Springs 11/25/19 (Volunteer Day, Starbucks Tumblers, “The Little Mermaid” VHS Phone Case, RIP Bongos Pineapple, and More)

It’s a fantastic day to be out at Disney Springs. It’s Volunteer Day and Disney is hosting some events to help guests get involved and give back to the community. We stopped in to check out the one-day only “Volunteer Village” and see what we could do to help.

The Volunteer Village was a lot of fun and we saw many guests enjoying the activities. One area was set up so guests could stop in an write postcards for Operation Uplift. Another station allowed people to help make butterfly seed pods as well as write postcards to conservationists. One of the most popular stands was the hygiene kit station where guests could help create a package full of supplies for those in need. We saw many people getting involved and even getting information on how to continue to volunteer in the community. What a great event!

Over at the LEGO Store, guests were allowed to participate in making a LEGO mural that will be put on display at the Clean the World Volunteer Center.

Over at the Christmas Tree Trail, my wish has come true. On opening day, we realized that the “Home Fur the Howlidays” poster was missing from the trail, but featured on all the merchandise. After speaking to some Cast Members, we were assured the poster would be added soon. We noticed it today and we appreciate it. Thank you!

Better invest in some stamps. A 270 minute wait to tell Santa what I want sounds a little extreme.

Inside World of Disney, we found all the Walt Disney World park icon Starbucks tumblers in ornament form for just $14.99 each. Magic Kingdom seemed to be selling out the quickest of the four parks.

Sunshine Churros outside of World of Disney has a new holiday flavor. The White Christmas Churro is a sweet and fluffy new addition to the menu. (For our full review, click here!)

We also spotted some menu changes at the Macaroni and Cheese Food Truck. The Texas Chili Mac and Cheese has arrived and it’s a creamy new addition that is sure to be popular. For our full review of this rootin’ tootin’ new addition, click here!

DisneyStyle has a new VHS phone case featuring The Little Mermaid for $34.99.

More of Bongos Cuban Café has been demolished to make way for the new Beatrix Restaurant. We’re gonna miss that giant pineapple.

Well, that’s about it for today. We hope that Volunteer Day has inspired you to get out and give back. Thanks for joining us today and be sure to keep following for more updates!