REVIEW: Sunshine Churros Debuts New Churro Recipe and White Christmas Peppermint Churros

It’s no secret that we’re fans of Sunshine Churros at Disney Springs. They offer a wide variety of flavors and their churros are far superior to anything served in the park. On our most recent visit to Disney Springs, we noticed two new things have arrived at the Sunshine Churros cart. First, we noticed they’ve changed their churro recipe. Thick, twisted churros now fill the case and look even better than the previous offerings. Then we noticed the new White Christmas Peppermint Churro and figured we could try both new offerings at the same time. I’m dreaming of a white Christmas…

The new churros are rolled and coated in whatever topping you choose. We obviously went with the new White Christmas Churro, so ours was rolled in a batch of powdered sugar and crushed peppermint. It’s a bit messy, so be sure to grab some napkins. There was powdered sugar everywhere by the time we finished this one.

While the name might say peppermint, we honestly tasted no peppermint at all. We could see the red specks in the powdered sugar, but never got any minty taste.

The new churros are fantastic and we weren’t the only ones in agreement on that. The texture is a little more cake-like and fluffy, and not as crunchy as other churros. The powdered sugar layer was incredible and it was almost like eating a fresh donut. This might be the best churro we’ve had at Disney. Even without the peppermint flavor, the sweet, sugary outside was perfect.

Sunshine Churros has two locations at Disney Springs and can be found across from World of Disney and across from DisneyStyle. There are 9 flavors of churros available, and this seasonal flavor makes a whopping ten churros to choose from. This snack is definitely on the nice list this year and worth the $5.25. Will you be having a White Christmas (Churro) this year?

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Bob from Toledo
Bob from Toledo
1 year ago

Why can’t they just leave the Churro as it is. Adding these different flavors is just causing the downfall of modern society. Back in my day we just had cinnamon and we liked it.