PHOTOS: New Emporer’s New Groove, Lady and the Tramp, and Toy Story VHS Movie Shirts and Hoodie Load into Disney Parks

A new line of classic VHS movie shirts and hoodie have made their way into Disney Parks. Emperor’s New Groove, Lady and the Tramp, and Toy Story have gotten their own VHS styled merchandise, complimenting the other VHS merchandise that has come out recently.

We found these specific items at DisneyStyle at Disney Springs. Let’s take a look!

Emperor’s New Groove VHS Shirt – $34.99

VHS Clothing6

This large print t-shirt features the VHS cover of Emperor’s New Groove on a blue background that is perfect for fans of the movie!

Lady and the Tramp VHS Shirt – $34.99

VHS Clothing4 VHS Clothing3 VHS Clothing2

The Lady and the Tramp shirt features a unique slit at the bottom of the back unlike the Emperor’s New Groove shirt.

Toy Story VHS Hoodie – $49.99

VHS Clothing5 VHS Clothing1

The Toy Story hoodie features a two-toned color which makes the design really pop out and is a nice piece of clothing/

Will you be picking up these new VHS clothing items on your next visit to Disney Parks?