PHOTO REPORT: EPCOT 11/24/19 (Space 220 Restaurant, New Pins, Festival of Holidays Preparations, and More)

Happy Thursday from beautiful, sunny EPCOT! We had a crazy busy day today so get ready for a super exciting update.

Stitch gingerbread pin 2019 1

First thing this morning we jumped in line at Pin Central to pick up this adorable Stitch pin from the Gingerbread Collection series.

Stitch gingerbread pin 2019 2

Jammitors 11/21/19 1

While we waited in line, the Jammitors, who are currently the Jammin’ Chefs for Food and Wine, entertained us. They even sang “Wok this Way,” complete with an actual wok!

Jammitors 11/21/19 2

Mele Kalikimaka pin 2019

We also grabbed this Mele Kalikimaka Tiki Room pin. The birds are so bright they look like they might just jump out of the pin and sing for you!

Magic of Honor Small World 2019

This month’s Magic of Honor pin features “it’s a small world” and is just too cute. The details are amazing! Each of the three pins is $17.99.

Main Street Tree Farm sign 1

In Mouse Gear we spotted this cute light up Christmas sign with Mickey in his Main Street Christmas Tree Farm truck. The sign is $39.99.

Main Street Tree Farm sign 2

Mouse Gear also still has these Limited Edition Enfy’s Nest MagicBands from early 2018 and had them on display today.

Epcot Starbucks mug ornament 2019

We spotted these tiny Starbucks travel mug ornaments featuring the new mug design. The ornament is $14.99.

Enfys Nest MagicBand

Mouse Gear also had this Limited Edition Enfys Nest MagicBand from way back in 2018 out on display.

Space 220 11/21/19 1

The building for the new Space 220 restaurant is now entirely “Go Away Green” on this side facing into the park.

Space 220 11/21/19 3

Planters by The Seas 11/21/19 1

These rolling hedges at The Seas have moved back some. You can just barely see the planters inside peeking out.

Planters by The Seas 11/21/19 2

Joyful stage 11/21/19 1

At the entrance to The World Showcase we saw this big stage set up as the beginning of preparations for The Festival of Holidays.

Joyful stage 11/21/19 2

Joyful used to perform at the Fountain of Nations stage, but that is gone now. The new stage takes up some prime nighttime show viewing, but EPCOT Forever is not nearly as popular as IllumiNations was.

Joyful stage 11/21/19 3

Joyful stage 11/21/19 4

Wood by Canada bathroom 11/21/19 1

Some concrete by the new World Showcase promenade restrooms has been torn up and replaced with wood for the time being.

Wood by Canada bathroom 11/21/19 2

The Canadian Holiday Voyageurs sign 1

A sign for the Canadian Holiday Voyageurs popped up at the Canada pavilion stage. We can’t wait for those holiday concerts to start!

Missing trees France 11/21/19 1

The last remaining trees lining the France pavilion have been torn out. This is likely the beginning of preparations for the walkway out to the new pavilion expansion.

Missing trees France 11/21/19 2

Missing trees France 11/21/19 3

Joffrey’s winter 2019 specials 2

Joffrey’s has its winter drink specials out and ready to go!

2020 Minnie ears 1

At Village Traders in Africa we came across these adorable sparkly 2020 Minnie ears!

2020 Minnie ears 2

That’s all for today’s trip around the world at EPCOT! Be sure to check back soon for even more updates on this ever-changing park.