PHOTO REPORT: EPCOT 11/13/19 (Monorail Evacuation, New Spinner Pen, Christmas in World Showcase, and More)

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Like a grand and miraculous spaceship, our planet has sailed through the universe of time; and for a brief moment, we have been among its passengers. But where are we going? EPCOT. And what kind of future will we discover there? Let’s find out!

Our morning started out a little rough, as we were evacuated from the monorail shortly after boarding at the TTC. Apparently for a maintenance check, but we also heard whispers of an access panel being open.

The side of Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind was looking a little rough this morning. Seems like they need to fill in some areas with a fresh coat of paint, stat.

Over at MouseGear, we spotted these princess necklace and earring sets for $19.99. You can choose from Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, Tiana, Tinker Bell or Elsa.

We especially love the little icons that represent each girl.

Over at the Land Pavilion, Living with the Land was a 40 minute wait! Can you tell it was crowded in the parks today?

At ImageWorks, new construction walls were erected… most likely for a new character meet and greet.

We also got to witness Ralph and Vanellope emerging from the Void. I hope he doesn’t wreck it. Ba-dum-ch.

MouseGear also had a new addition to the wind-up spinning pens collection. This “it’s a small world” inspired one featured the attraction’s famous facade clockface and was $9.99.

Feliz Navidad from our friends over at the Mexico Pavilion. It seems somebody ordered a side of Christmas cheer with their chips and salsa.

Even Donald’s meet and greet area got decked out.

It seems Elsa’s powers helped decorate the Norway Pavilion. Who’s going to break it to Olaf that summer is over?

German gingerbread cookies, anyone?

Garland, ornaments, the smell of caramel corn. It must be the holidays.

After the first three countries, we can’t help but feel Italy was a let down.

I guess they really blew the budget on Germany.

That’s more like it!

France really went all out. We love these ornament displays. If only those desserts were real.

Jolly old England had plenty of cheer to spare.

I feel all warm and cozy just looking at this display.


Christmas, eh?

And Canada brings us to the end of our trip around the world. So what do you think? What country had the best decorations? I say France, but that’s just me. Let us know below!

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Brandi Baker
Brandi Baker

OK this post leaves my heart aching for a visit! Signed, 11 month post last visit =entirely too long!


So happy we were there when(at Mexico) when they had an artist for Dia de los Muertos! I didn’t see any news on here so I was surprised to see her. I had her sign my little Catarina!