PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 11/23/19 (Limited-Release Coach Ears Arrive, A Small Army of Disney Precious Moments Dolls, Lots of Merchandise, and More)

I’m walking right down the middle of Main Street U.S.A…

Greeting from Magic Kingdom! It’s a bright, sunny day and we’re ready to see what’s happening around the most magical place on Earth. So let’s get going!

The Main Street Trolley Show

Precious Moments

Have you ever wanted to see a massive collection of Disney-inspired Precious Moments Dolls? Look no further than Main Street Cinema. A special event with the doll designer Linda Rick was taking place today.

IMG 0991

If dolls creep you out, we would like to apologize in advance. Have you not lived until you’ve seen a Christmas-clad Ursula and Maleficent Precious Moments Doll?

IMG 0992

IMG 0996

It’s a baby Beast with facial hair!

IMG 0993

The whole Beauty and the Beast crew is represented.

IMG 0999

Lady Tremaine looks like she’s reaching out to snatch your soul.

IMG 1007

We can’t help but think that the Stitch one is reminiscent of that scene in A Christmas Story where Ralphie is forced to wear the bunny pajamas.

IMG 1013

Mary Poppins and Bert surrounded by small pirates.

IMG 1018

Geppetto looks unsure about this whole thing.

IMG 1019

Each traditional doll is $59.99, while the Christmas ones are $69.99. You can bundle three of the small figurines together for $59.99.

IMG 1047 1

Over at the Emporium, you can now take home a Host A Ghost Jar for a discounted price! Originally $59.99, you can now have a spirit follow you home for $29.99.

IMG 1039

We discovered this new collection of bracelets.

IMG 1035

One bracelet features a Mickey.

IMG 1036

The other has a Cinderella’s Castle charm. The set retails for $19.99.

IMG 1059

We also found this new Minnie and Figaro mug.

IMG 1054

IMG 1055

It reads “Beauty sleep? I’m always this beautiful.” Wow…Minnie is so sassy and confident. Obviously, she’s a true queen.

IMG 1056

We’re hoping one day Figaro will graduate to being the star of his own mug. This mug retails for $19.99.

IMG 1073

More Christmas displays have been added to the Emporium’s windows that line Main Street U.S.A. Mickey and Minnie don Santa-inspired outfits and area surrounded by an array of Disney holiday home goods.

IMG 1064

IMG 1060

IMG 1085

The newest pair of Disney Parks Designer Collection ears were released today. The leather Coach ears will cost you a pretty penny at $195.00.

IMG 1088

IMG 1093

IMG 1083

We made our way to Tomorrowland and were caught off guard by some messy wires wrapped around two of the lampposts in the central hub.

IMG 1082

IMG 1079

There was a meager attempt to camouflage the wires into the lamppost by painting them brown.

IMG 1081

IMG 1135

Joffrey’s menus have switched over to their winter selections. They’re also offering a seasonal Happy Snowman drink.

IMG 1136

IMG 1149

We peeked inside of Star Trader to check in on the silver wallpaper that’s being hung around the top of the store. It’s over halfway complete now.

IMG 1151

IMG 1150

IMG 1152

Briar rose sweatshirts have returned! It features Mickey wearing metallic shorts and shoes, with the vintage Walt Disney World logo running down the sleeve. It retails at $54.99.

IMG 1153

IMG 1154

IMG 1155

IMG 1160 1

Work continues on TRON. A crane was lifting materials to the rooftop. At the top of the show building, the track is beginning to be enclosed.

IMG 1118 1

IMG 1171

At Bonjour! Village Gifts, we found a Belle Storybook Playset to match the ones we found earlier this month in Big Top Souvenirs. It costs $19.99.

IMG 1173

IMG 1174

IMG 1177

In Liberty Square outside of Haunted Mansion, we noticed missing shingles on one of the boat dock-inspired buildings. When compared to other shingles on the same building, it seems new shingles are being added, but the job is yet to be finished.

IMG 1179

IMG 1185

On to Frontierland, we found this new Dapper Dan phone case in Frontier Trading Post. It costs $29.99.

IMG 1192

Work is coming along at Liberty Square! Cobblestone has been laid and workers were cleaning up a bit.

IMG 1196

Over in Adventureland, the sign at Zanzibar Trading Co. is still missing. We wonder where it went…

Well that ends our trip around Magic Kingdom today! Thanks for hanging out with us. Keep checking WDWNT for all of the latest Disney news.