PHOTOS: Port Orleans French Quarter Gets Jazzed-Up for Christmas 2019

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Good evening from Port Orleans French Quarter! Today, we decided to swing by and check out this year’s Christmas decorations at the resort.

As you arrive to the guest drop-off area, lighted garland greets guests on the overhangs.

The main entryway features wreaths hanging from the support beams, with each featuring bows and flowers with a clear Mardi Gras color scheme.

The main lobby features four identical Christmas trees in each corner. The colors here are primarily blue and the ornaments and decorations on the tree are decidedly New Orleans in their theme.

As always, the level of detail on the ornaments and tree trimmings is incredible. And each tree has arguably the most unique tree topper in all of Disney thanks to the large masks that replace the traditional star on each.

The check in desks are adorned with large garland above each section.

Inside of Jackson Square Gifts and Desires, garland hangs above the merchandise shelves.

Over by the Scat Cat’s bar, these bunches of garland hang. Here, you will find musical themed ornaments to fit with the jazz theme.

Inside Scat Cat’s, visitors will see two large wreaths that hang on the back wall.

As we travel out the back door, the four Christmas trees in the main lobby light up the glass enclosure with brilliant colors. On the balconies outside, more garland hangs.


Over at Sassagoula Floatworks, we can see a small Christmas tree that greets us by the entranceway. On the windows, large lighted wreaths hang.

That does it for our visit to Port Orleans French Quarter. Will you be stopping by this holiday season? Let us know if you are in the comments below!

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Just wanted to drop a comment to say that the pictures in this article are gorgeous!