PHOTO REPORT: Disneyland Park 11/23/19 (Light Crowds, Rise of the Resistance Gets Ready, Matterhorn Returns, and More)

Welcome to winter in Southern California. “Weather” has begun with some clouds and rain which seems to temporarily reduce crowd size.


A noon arrival and Main Street was empty.

Guests grabbing pictures around the tree was still popular.

Even around the Hub there was plenty of open space.

Crowds were a bit thicker around Frontierland. The popularity of Haunted Mansion Holiday remains constant.

Pin trading outside Westward Ho Trading Company was popular today.


Minnie Mouse was delighted to meet guests today in her holiday outfit.

Mickey Mouse was also out and about.

Pluto was signing autographs in his adorable Santa hat.

Sandy Claws and Sally are meeting guests next to Port Royal Curios in New Orleans Square.

Matterhorn Bobsleds

Finally after months of only having one track operating we back at 100% for the Matterhorn.

With both sides operational midday wait times were a very reasonable 20 minutes.

For far too long this side (generally agreed upon as the better side since it is a bit smoother) has sat empty.

Galaxy’s Edge

With the initial excitement over we are all looking forward to the January 17, 2020, opening of the Rise of the Resistance ride. We’ve seen walls come up and go down. The queue seems to be ready to go and you can hear sounds coming from inside the ride. Needless to say we are excited!

Crowds were pretty thin in and out of the Critter Country entrance.

The line que is really starting to take shape.

We can imagine they will be selling some refreshments here while guests wait in what will likely be a massive line.

Guests continue to ask cast members at a constant rate about this upcoming attraction.

The marketplace was busy today.

Crashed droids always make us sad.

Time to leave this planet and head back into reality. We hope you enjoyed this quick tour around Disneyland. Keep reading WDWNT and DLNT for all the latest Disneyland and Disney news.

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1 year ago

Thx! Any chance there will be a soft opening before 1/17?

1 year ago

Please Disney….let Star Wars roll over and die. It has lived it’s life. Quit trying to milk the last dime out of it. And above all else NO MORE MOVIES. No more bringing back dead actors to keep the franchise “original ” No more movie spinoffs…R2D2 gets training wheels…..Chewbacca gets a haircut. No more overpriced toys….or flashlights (lightsabers) It’s a wonderful movie and I’m a huge fan…but no other movie in history has been over done as this one. Oh wait …..look what you did to Pirates of the Caribbean….what 12 movies or so…….