PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 11/7/19 (Christmas in Fantasyland, Holiday Main Street Trolley Show, New Toy Soldier Wishable, and More)

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Hello all you Princes, Princesses, and Fairy Godmothers! Let’s fly around the Magic Kingdom and see what pixie dust has been sprinkled around since our last visit.

Castle Christmas 11/6/19 (1)

Main Street Christmas Decorations 11/6/19 (1)

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas all over Main Street! Garlands, wreaths, nutcrackers, ornaments, bows, and more are on every building. Christmas carols fill the park, and apparently it’s only 49 days ‘til Christmas!

Main Street Christmas Decorations 11/6/19 (2)

Main Street Christmas Decorations 11/6/19 (3)

Main Street Christmas Decorations 11/6/19 (4)

Main Street Christmas Decorations 11/6/19 (5) Main Street Christmas Decorations 11/6/19 (6) Main Street Christmas Decorations 11/6/19 (7) Main Street Christmas Decorations 11/6/19 (8)

Toy Soldier Wishable (1)

We spotted this adorable little Toy Soldier Wishable in the Emporium along with all the other blind bagged Christmas Wishables. This little guy is $9.99.

Toy Soldier Wishable (2)

The Main Street Trolley Show dancers are all dolled up in their Christmas best, singing carols, and passing each other gifts.

Castle Christmas 11/6/19 (2)

Doesn’t Cinderella Castle just look gorgeous with these blue drapes and silver ornaments?

Bonjour! Village Gifts Christmas (1)

Gaston’s Tavern and the Bonjour! Village Gifts shop are both decked out for Christmas, too. We love all the yellow and red roses as thematic elements!

Bonjour! Village Gifts Christmas (2) Bonjour! Village Gifts Christmas (3) Gaston’s Tavern Christmas

Damaged rail by Cinderella’s Castle (1)

A portion of railing next to Cinderella’s Castle and by Merida’s meet and greet is gone. This blue and pink barrier has been put up to cover it.

Damaged rail by Cinderella’s Castle (2)

Star Traders construction (3)

Work at Mickey’s Star Traders is nearly completed. The final portion of pipe along the top has been painted silver. The Mickey icons next to either door are still missing, and there is no mural visible inside.

Star Traders construction (1) Star Traders construction (2)

This sign has been added to the closed exterior door to let guests know that the store is still open during construction.

Tomorrowland Christmas decorations (1)

The dance party stage in Tomorrowland has been dressed up for Christmas, too! The silver garland and tinsel trees with multicolored ornaments look fantastic on the futuristic backdrop.

Tomorrowland Christmas decorations (2) Tomorrowland Christmas decorations (3)

Stitch front construction (2)

Over by what used to be Stitch’s Great Escape, these four pillars are still being worked on. The New Tomorrowland theming is slowly being ripped off of them.

Stitch front construction (1)

Stitch front construction (3)

Posts by Monsters Inc
These posts around the PeopleMover track and above Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor are wrapped in preparation for stripping and new paint.

Liberty Square construction 11/6/19 (1)

Liberty Square Market construction is moving along. We can see that concrete has been added to the fountain or planter in the middle.

Liberty Square construction 11/6/19 (2)

Main Street Philharmonic

As a cherry on top on this beautiful, Christmas-filled day, we caught the Main Street Philharmonic band playing Christmas carols!

That’s all for the Magic Kingdom today! What is your favorite Christmas decoration in the Magic Kingdom this year?

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We were there today. I was suffering from mild heat stroke by lunch. Sadly could not find the orange bird park pals or figment park pals.