PHOTOS: Exterior Renovations Continue Across Jambo House and Kidani Village at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge

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Renovation work on various exteriors at the Animal Kingdom Lodge resort continues to progress. Today, we took a look at the latest construction updates.

Jambo House

Work has shifted from one side of the exterior balconies to the other since our last visit.

While guests can still access the Savanna viewing areas, signs and fences are up warning of construction work.

Inside, signage also points guests to take an alternate route to get to rooms 2451-2596. Construction work and renovation work has created the need to divert food traffic in some places around the resort.

Outside of Boma, a large scaffolding stairway has been constructed and leads to roof work happening above the restaurant.

Additional work is going on outside of the kids gaming arcade and The Mara. Here, where once stood tables and chairs now is blocked off by white fencing surrounding fork lifts and construction equipment.

Kidani Village

Over at Kidani Village, work on some of the exterior support beams by the valet and guest drop-off area has begun.

As previously reported, the entire exterior is still covered in construction scaffolding and scrims.

Here, signs also warn guests that various balconies are closed.

At ground level, windows from the Sanaa waiting area reveal the extent of the scaffolding outside. Guests walking out to the animal viewing area can still see various equipment and pieces on the sides behind green construction fences.

As before, while the view back towards Kidani Village is less than exiting, the animals still venture out to greet guests.

Are you looking forward to the refreshed look at Animal Kingdom Lodge? Let us know in the comments below.

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Paul Horn
Paul Horn
10 months ago

Thank you for these updates.

Richard Pravata
Richard Pravata
10 months ago

We will be at Disney the first week of January, 2020, any guess about the view from Sanaa at that time? Thank you for these updates