PHOTOS: Large Scale Construction Project Underway Near Fantasmic, Friendship Boat Dock at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Last week, we brought news of new mystery construction project just outside the main entrance to Hollywood Studios. Today, while that project advances, even more mystery work has popped up, this time just behind the Friendship Boat dock.

The construction site is rather large compared to the one over by the ticket counters.

From the main walkway, you can see a large crane rising from behind the tree line.

The site is also adjacent to one of the exit paths (Perimeter Road) used for the Hollywood Hills Amphitheater, home to Fantasmic, as well as the back-of-house for the Theater of the Stars on Sunset Boulevard.

As you come in to the Skyliner station, we can see numerous pieces of construction equipment behind the wall. Several workers were present at the site while we were visiting.

In the middle of the preferred parking lot, we can also see several lifts in place for future use at the construction sites.

At ground level, you can get a better look at the construction equipment being put into place for use here.

Over by the entrance gate, work continues behind the green fencing that has closed off a few of the ticket windows.

Pressing the camera up to the scrim reveals what looks to be new utility lines that are being put into place. We still aren’t sure what will come of this work, if anything notable.

Stay tuned to WDWNT for the latest on these projects as they continue to unfold.

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