PHOTOS: Kitschy Christmas Decorations Return to Disney’s Hollywood Studios for 2019 Holiday Season

The glamour of Hollywood is clamoring with Christmas cheer this morning as all of Disney’s Hollywood Studios was transformed overnight and has received the full-on Garland garland treatment. (No, not that Garland…)

That is, with the exception of Gertie, who is still notably missing her Santa Hat. Even with the Echo Lake Christmas tree up, it isn’t officially Christmas without Santa Gertie.

As guests enter the park, they’re welcomed by silver tinsel garlands with red bows and ornaments.

The garlands even extend out over to the bathrooms.

Crossroads of the World is decked out in holiday splendor too, although it’s not like Mickey’s globe is ever going to spin again above it. (I’ll leave that to the Maintenance Report.)

Throughout the park, you can tell that the decorating is still somewhat in progress. While lines and garlands were extended across Hollywood Boulevard, the center wreaths are still missing.

Christmas in Hollywood means pine trees next to palm trees.

Decorative wreaths also line store windows.

In keeping with the 1950s vibe, you’ll notice that a lot of the holiday decor in the park takes inspiration from kitschy vintage classics like these little deer ornaments, ceramic poodles, and other things you’d normally see gracing your grandmother’s cupboards. If you’ve dined at 50’s Prime Time Cafe, you’ll also recognize a lot of these elements.

A set of larger-than-life ornaments are stacked next to the towering Echo Lake tree.

More creepy vintage figures to haunt your dreams. Do note the light that’s been left out. We get that the park is still undergoing its Christmas transformation, but the number of things we’ve seen left unfinished is slightly jarring.

Another good example of unfinished decorating. There really shouldn’t be cables dangling around like that.

Don’t think Sunset Boulevard’s been left out. This was the first area to receive any holiday decor, and now it’s flaunting a whole new set of wreaths and garlands.

Holiday decorations have yet to arrive at Toy Story Land, and it’ll be interesting to see if they add any unannounced space tinsel anywhere on Batuu. So far, though, we’re just happy that kitschy Christmas is back at Hollywood Studios. Now if only we could have Santa Gertie back…

The holiday season officially kicks off this Friday, November 8th for the start of Jingle Bell, Jingle Bam! and Sunset Seasons Greetings. Will you be spending your holidays in Hollywood?