Walt Disney World Maintenance Report (11/1/19) – Bubbling Dinos, Millennium Falcon Lighting Issues, and More

Welcome back to the Walt Disney World Maintenance Report. In this report, the goal is to create a comprehensive list of broken effects, damaged props, and more at the Walt Disney World Resort in the hopes they will be repaired, or at the very least just track how long it takes for Disney to get around to it.

We have taken a break from the report for awhile due to other commitments here at WDWNT, but the hope is that it will once again become a regular staple of the site, even if not presented weekly. What you see below isn’t complete, but rather a re-starting point. We haven’t been to every corner of Disney World in the last few days, so the list has a lot of growing to do before it can shrink.

A permanent page showing the current list of problems will be added to the website and we will update it as we can, recapping additions and subtractions in these reports from time to time on the website in blog post form. You can still submit problems or fixes you find through the methods listed at the bottom of this report.

Now, where did we leave off…

Needs Repair

The Magic Kingdom

Splash Mountain

  • The speakers for the vultures are blown. (10/26/19)

The Haunted Mansion

  • Audio is stretching room B is out of sync with show elements by about 2 seconds. (10/26/19)
  • The projection Hitchhiking Ghosts are still very misaligned. (10/26/19)


  • The UFO on top of the Disney Vacation Club kiosk has been missing the cockpit dome since before Hurricane Irma in 2017. (9/12/17)

TTA Peoplemover

  • Many lights on the Progress City model are burnt out. (10/29/19)
  • The Starport signs inside Space Mountain are showing tremendous wear once again. (10/29/19)

Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin

  • The spinning red light tunnel effect isn’t working and hasn’t in a very long time. (1/14/19)
  • The speed tunnel projection looks horrendous. The film is clearly extremely dirty and is jumping all over the place. I think the time has come for this to go digital or at least be repaired. (1/14/19)

Space Mountain

  • The spinning space station projection inside of the mountain hasn’t spun in years (1/19/19)


Park Entrance

  • Two overhead walkway lights have been violently flickering for weeks just outside the security screening area on the left side of the park entrance. (9/28/19)

Spaceship Earth

  • Half of the star field on the ascent is off. (3/16/19)
  • The lights in the window looking outside in the Renaissance scene are burnt out, leaving the mural in complete darkness. (10/28/19)
  • The large green gear in the newspaper printing press is not spinning. (10/28/19)
  • A large section of the 180 degree scene at the top is not covered with the star projections. (1/27/19)


  • Several of the jumping fountain are not working. (10/29/19)

  • The upside down waterfall has several jets that are spraying water in the wrong directions. (10/29/19)

Journey Into Imagination with Figment

  • All of the projectors in the first scene of the ride are misaligned (10/28/19)
  • In the “Smell Lab” scene, the word “winner” lights up before Figment has even finished spinning the slot machine. (1/27/19)
  • The audio is out of sync between the multi-Figment finale scene and the scene with astronaut Figment and the Nigel Channing moon. (10/28/19)

The Land

  • The hot air balloons in the center of the atrium haven’t moved in nearly 20 years. They used to move up and down. The motors burnt out and no one ever bothered to replace them. (10/28/19)

The Seas with Nemo and Friends

  • Lights outside the attraction entrance have large cracks around them and many are burnt out. (10/28/19)

  • The wave lights on the floating boat in the queue are not working. (10/28/19)
  • The speaker for the first appearance of Marlin in the ride is blown out. (10/28/19)
  • The projectors and/or projection surfaces are so dirty that any time a fish with white sections appears on screen, you can see filth and stains in those white areas. (10/28/19)
  • The character audio in the EAC sequence is completely out of sync with the video. (10/28/19)

Test Track presented by Chevrolet

  • Dashboards of cars and inside of show scenes are covered in dust and filth, extremely noticeable in blacklight environments. (12/31/18)
  • The screens in the cars either don’t work or are in horrendous condition. (2/20/19)
  • The laser trees do not appear for every car that goes by. (2/20/19)

Gran Fiesta Tour starring the Three Caballeros

  • One of the elderly men in the Fiesta scene was not stomping his foot. (12/31/18)
  • The Donald audio-animatronic has a visible seam on his face. (10/28/19)
  • The Jose audio-animatronic was not strumming his guitar. (10/28/19)
  • The finale scene lighting is horrible, with shadows of the audio-animatronics being cast onto the ceiling/night sky. (10/28/19)

Frozen Ever After

  • Olaf’s mouth during his first appearance isn’t working correctly. (10/28/19)
  • The skating Olaf’s mouth was not working correctly. (10/28/19)
  • The Anna and Kristoff audio-animatronics had audio, but their faces were frozen. (10/28/19)
  • The “icy magic” projection that would appear above audio-animatronic Elsa’s hands is missing. (2/3/19)
  • There is a large white gash in the dark wall near the “northern lights” projection (adjacent to Elsa’s Ice Palace) in the scene where the boat switches from backwards to forwards motion before taking the plunge. (10/28/19)
  • Marshamllow’s mouth did not emit smoke. (10/28/19)

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Boulevard

  • The globe underneath Mickey at the Crossroads of the World is once again not moving. (10/28/19)

Sunset Boulevard

  • The terrazzo floor in front of Beverly Sunset Boutique is all ripped up and was filled in with cement. It looks pretty bad. (2/16/19)

Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

  • New projectors were installed in the disappearing hallway scenes, but they’re too bright and ruin the effect, showing the corridor’s arches even after it has “disappeared”. (10/28/19)
  • The Rod Serling audio didn’t play as the elevator ascended in the shaft on the left side. (10/28/19)
  • The eyeball effect is still not working in the 5th Dimension scene, just showing a stock photo instead of a photo of guests currently on the ride. (10/28/19)
  • The lights on the wall that opens into the drop shaft were not displaying properly in the left shaft. (10/28/19)
  • The screen at the end of the ride on the left side was misaligned, but also had tree branches that had fallen into the shaft in front of it. (10/28/19)

Slinky Dog Dash

  • Temporary covers hide damage on coils attached to train cars. (1/15/19)

Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run

  • The lights on the back of the Millennium Falcon weren’t all one color as they are supposed to be. (10/29/19)

Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Discovery Island

  • The pathway lamps behind the Tree of Life are all severely worn, with tons of paint missing and most of the metal toppers are completely lose and can be removed by guests. (10/28/19)
  • The decorative frame in one of the Terra Treats windows has fallen out. (10/28/19)

Kali River Rapids

  • The interactive squirting elephants at the ride’s exit are not working. (10/28/19)

Expedition Everest

  • The yeti audio-animatronic doesn’t move. (probably a decade ago)

Dinoland U.S.A.

  • The big dinosaur statue is Dino-Rama is bubbling and peeling in many places. (10/28/19)


  • The left attraction poster is showing visible signs of damage. (10/28/19)
  • The plants located above the posters look to be falling over. (10/28/19)
  • Two lights in the upper atrium in the part of the queue with meteorite above are burnt out. (2/7/19)
  • The PA speakers in the pre-show rooms are completely blown out. (10/28/19)
  • The star field is permanently stuck on during the first time travel portion of the ride. (10/28/19)
  • The Alioramus eating another dinosaur was stuck in the down position. (10/28/19)
  • Mechanisms under the first Carnotaurus animatronic are clearly visible. (10/28/19)
  • The running Carnotaurus is not moving, but is also stuck in the forward position. (10/28/19)
  • The asteroid smoke trail effect before the drop past the Carnotaur head has not worked in several months. A trail of smoke would lead guests to believe that an asteroid has whooshed by them. (1/1/19)

Pandora: The World of Avatar

  • The drums in the drum circle are showing a ton of wear. (10/28/19)
  • The “water squirting creatures” area is still a mess. All 3 creatures are back but do not function. (1/20/19)



This section will return in the next report.


How To Do Your Part

To report broken effects, damaged props, or anything else out of the ordinary, please submit photographic or video evidence of the malfunction or disrepair to [email protected] or through WDWNT’s social media avenues (Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram) with the hashtag #WDWNTfix. You can also submit proof that anything listed above has been repaired. The entire purpose of this weekly post is to get Walt Disney World looking how it is supposed to look, so we are hoping to see this list shrink rather than grow over time.

For more information on booking your next trip with our official travel agent sponsor, the Vacationeer, visit wdwnt.travel.

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1 year ago

I honestly think it’s time to pull an Elsa and let it go when it comes to the Yeti…that thing is never going to be fixed.

1 year ago

From what I have read, i THINK in the book RealityLand is that it basically can not be fixed without a major refurb of the ride. The foundation it is on cracked or something like that, and because of the way in which it was constructed, it would require a lot of disassembly of other components of the ride. IE – Long downtime
So yes, it may never be fixed.

Austin Ray
Austin Ray
1 year ago

It will eventually. Everest has never been closed for an extensive refurbishment so now that Pandora is open they can safely take it offline for months to work on it. Maybe not with the same level of motion that it had before, but something is better than Disco Yeti. But with no rumored downtime etc in the foreseeable future, I don’t see this happening for years to come. I mean, before Pandora opened you had like 4 major rides – not counting Dino Land or shows. It just wasn’t really possible to take one of those 4 off for months… Read more »

1 year ago

I bet the entrance fee raising meachine is still working though…

1 year ago

Sounds like six flags not Disney. Sheesh for the price of admission you would think they would fix things as they used formerly would. I remember Disney being the best in theme park maintenance.

1 year ago

“The Anna and Kristoff audio-animatronics had audio, but their faces were frozen.”

The jokes practically write themselves.

1 year ago

The squirting dudes in avatar are working as of 9/27/19

1 year ago

Maybe it’s just me, but I could’ve sworn I saw a tear in the shoulder of the guy making papyrus in Spaceship Earth when I rode it last week.

1 year ago

As Snow White and the Dwarves dance in the house at the end of the mine train, they used to both spin around and lightly bounce to the music. We noticed on 10/26 that they were only spinning and were not bouncing like they used to. Whatever actuator gives them that vertical motion is not working at the moment.

1 year ago

I would also really like to see the hair ties on Everest cleaned up… just looks bad and encourages more people to fling them

Jessica Messica
Jessica Messica
1 year ago
Reply to  Devin

From what I hear, they clean them up pretty often.

1 year ago

When I went this past month, I noticed that the Avatar host body was not present near the end of the queue for Flight of Passage, just leaving us with an empty tank. Did they restore him or is it still empty?

1 year ago

The time has come to make an unsuplous maintenance list of items that WDW has no moral intention of ever fixing or updating. The items that WDW leaves to rot for youtubers to steal and sell to NBA players

MK: Walts Disney’s Carousel of broken audioamatronics and jokes more sexist then a wench auction
EPCOT:Imagination abomination
DHS: The yearly park icon and the whole park (they cannot even decide on a theme for a menu)
AK: Dinoland Carneyland with its deadly coaster that should be condemned and disco Yeti

1 year ago

I was sure there used to be jets of water jumping across the ride track from side to side as you enter the scene with the turtles on their backs on the streams of water and singing frogs.

craig hart
craig hart
1 year ago

we pay enough vacation club fees never mind paying park fees

1 year ago

I’ve been noticing something pretty strange lately visiting the parks almost daily for the past month. It seems as if rides get fx turned on and turned off based on ride capacity sometimes. I’ve noticed this with multiple rides, but Dinosaur in Animal Kingdom is one of the better examples I can give. I went on it about a week ago and the line averaged out for the day around 5-15 minutes. It was a lackluster ride through and things seemed to be shut off and not working as they should. I went on it again just a couple days… Read more »