PHOTOS: Liberty Square Market Seating Area Nears Completion with New Brickwork and Lighting at the Magic Kingdom

Greetings from Liberty Square Market, right in the heart of the Magic Kingdom! In our last update on the new seating area, a tree sprang up, as well as some concrete paths.

Today when we checked in on the project, even more work had been done to add to the colonial feel of this area.

Liberty Square Marketplace seating 11/20/19 2

Last time there were just a few paths of plain, smooth concrete. This time, we can see tan cobblestone bricks laid out around the area with red bricks lining the center circle and the pathways coming out of the center.

Liberty Square Marketplace seating 11/20/19 4

Off in the back right corner, there is still a section that is only dirt and rebar just waiting for fresh concrete.

The red brick walls towards the front of the seating area got concrete toppers added to them as well. These give the walls a nice finished look and will provide even more perches for tired guests. Large black lamp posts have been added to the front walls, too! The new area will be beautiful at night thanks to the soft, warm light emanating from these

Liberty Square Marketplace seating 11/20/19 6

In the back, workers were adding the concrete toppers and prepping those areas for their lamp posts.

Liberty Square Marketplace seating 11/20/19 7

The tree in the center is a maple tree, and it looks a bit bare compared to the rest of the evergreens and palm trees in the area, but it does add a splash of warm Fall colors to the land.

Be sure to keep checking back with Walt Disney World News Today for more updates on the Liberty Square Market seating area!