PHOTOS: 11/22/19 Magic Kingdom Arrival Experience, Transportation and Ticket Center, Grand Floridian Bridge Construction Updates

Several major construction projects in and around Seven Seas Lagoon have made big strides this week. The long-awaited pedestrian bridge that will connect Grand Floridian Resort & Spa with Magic Kingdom finally saw a big step forward this morning. Overnight, workers hoisted the pedestrian bridge into place and connected it with the rotating mechanism.

From a distance, the large red construction crane still looms large in the horizon.

As you get closer, you can see the bridge is no longer laying on the embankment and workers are all over the job site.

Large pieces are still being lifted into place by the crane and more equipment has arrived on site for the continuing construction project.

This large piece had just been lowered into place by the crane.

The bridge itself now sits above ground thanks to having been attached to the rotating mechanism. It will swing in and out for the parade floats from the Water Pageant to enter and exit their docking area.

Further along the pathway towards Magic Kingdom, work continues on the new resort boat dock area. Large amounts of dirt have been removed and piping now sticks out of the ground in several areas.

The new security checkpoint structure continues to progress. On the western side, you can see where workers signed their names on the outside of the construction beams.

New concrete sections are poured every day for the new Magic Kingdom arrival experience. The large tree planters continue to take shape as well.

Over at the Transportation & Ticket Center, work continues on the new planters that have been constructed. Dirt has been filled in where water lines were being laid last week, and pouring new road should begin soon in some areas.

That does it for our look at the Seven Seas Lagoon construction sites. Keep an eye on WDWNT for the latest updates.

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