PHOTOS: Reflections – A Lakeside Disney Lodge Construction Brings in Heavy Machinery; Framework Erected for New Tri-Circle-D Ranch

The sounds of an active construction site could be heard echoing across Bay Lake today as heavy machinery began work on Reflections – A Lakeside Disney Lodge.

From the dock at Wilderness Lodge, you can see a large yellow construction crane lifting large metal pieces from behind the trees.

A much smaller backhoe was visible moving dirt along the shoreline between the Reflections site and the Copper Creek Cabins at Wilderness Lodge.

Large piles of construction equipment continue to be visible from the dock as well, with large vehicles now seen driving around the site.

The boat ride from Contemporary to Fort Wilderness reveals our first look at permanent buildings at the Reflections site. It is unclear if these are part of the resort itself or also related to the updated Tri-Circle-D ranch renovations we showed you a few weeks ago.

As guests approach the Fort Wilderness dock, you can see another large pile of construction equipment, as well as a floating construction barge that is now moored dockside.

This large barge looks like it will be used to both ferry construction equipment to the Reflections site as well as help work on some of the bungalows along the water that are planned.

New construction tape is also visible on the former site of the Fort Wilderness beach. We can also see that more foliage has been cleared on the far side of the beach as well.

This cormorant didn’t seem to mind the ongoing construction at all.

The large dirt mount at the Reflections site is easily visible on the boat ride back to Wilderness Lodge, and construction workers were seen walking around the site near the water’s edge.

As we arrived back at the Wilderness Lodge dock, we could see the crane lowering more large metal pieces into place along the shoreline. A closer look showed construction workers helping guide them into place.

As guests leave the Wilderness Lodge parking lot, the roadway that connects the resort to Fort Wilderness is fenced off and road work signs let guests know the road is closed. Currently, buses that connect the two resorts must use World Drive and Vista Boulevard instead of the connecting road.

Keep checking back with WDWNT for updates on the ongoing construction work at the Reflections resort site.

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