Amorette's Patisserie Holiday Yule Log

REVIEW: Amorette’s Patisserie Holiday Yule Log is an Adorable New Seasonal Treat at Disney Springs

It’s the holiday season here at Walt Disney World and there are so many new treats, it can be a little dizzying at times. While some locations are trying their hand at creating new snacks, there are other locations that bring us delicious pastries year-round. When we heard that Amorette’s Patisserie at Disney Springs now has a Holiday Yule Log available, we knew it was time to head on down to Disney Springs.

The Holiday Yule log is a small dessert, but will catch your eye in the display case with a cute gingerbread man shaped cookie on top. It looks a bit like a Hostess cake, but we anticipate it to be much better. We even spotted them being prepared while we were there.

Red velvet cake is filled with a spiced cream cheese and then topped with Chantilly cream. A happy little gingerbread man sits atop the cream and adds just a touch of decoration to the cake.

It’s a very small dessert, which is perfect for one person. You won’t want to share this one. It’s a little overpriced at $8, but it is a fresh and delicious cake. The spice isn’t too overpowering, but you will taste it. The cake is soft and delicate, and perfectly fluffy, with the Chantilly cream giving it a very light additional taste to compliment the spiced cream cheese and red velvet cake.

We saved the cookie for last, and it’s probably one of the best parts of this treat. It didn’t taste like gingerbread though, so don’t get your hopes up too high. You may have to take a trip to the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa gingerbread display if you’re craving an actual gingerbread cookie. It’s very similar to the sable cookies that have been on some of the Crème Brulee desserts we’ve reviewed in the past. It’s cute, and still delicious, so we’re all about it.

While this might be one of the more expensive Christmas desserts on property, the red velvet and spiced cream cheese are the perfect pairing for this Holiday Yule Log. This cute little dessert did not disappoint, so we recommend taking a trip to Disney Springs this holiday season!

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Erin Gleason
Erin Gleason
11 months ago

I don’t understand why you complain in every post that $8 is expensive. You even pointed out that you were watching them be prepared. I would pay $8 any day for a smaller quality dessert than an overhyped frozen/thawed dry cupcake at sprinkles that costs almost as much.