REVIEW: Ample Hills Creamery Ice Cream Tacos are a Creative and Melty New Way to Enjoy Ice Cream at Disney’s Boardwalk Resort

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Christmas decorations may be going up around the resort, but it’s still perfect weather for ice cream here in Florida. We’ve made our way to Ample Hills Creamery on Disney’s Boardwalk to try one of their specialty ice cream tacos and see if they’re really as good as they look. It was a bit of a mess, so grab some extra napkins.

As soon as we arrived, we saw the ice cream taco display near the counter. For $8.99, you get your choice of two flavors, with toppings, served in a waffle cone shell with chocolate-dipped edges. You could probably share this, especially since you can pick two flavors.

We went with Cotton Candy and Snap, Mallow, Pop! for our two flavors and topped them with M&Ms and rainbow sprinkles. The wrapper it’s served in is useful for containing the whole thing and handy for when everything starts to melt. We figured this out a little too late.

We recommend grabbing a spoon and extra napkins for this one. Mistakes were made. When we tried to take a couple bites of the shell, it cracked pretty badly and began to leak ice cream and M&Ms onto my hand. It started to become difficult to eat, and started dripping everywhere quickly, make this a regretful decision to bite the waffle cone so early. It was suddenly a race to eat as much ice cream as we could before throwing the broken shell away. The waffle cone outside was soft and fresh, and the chocolate made it even better. The shell was really good, but once it started cracking, it was too difficult to save the rest. It might be a wise decision to use that spoon first and save the shell for last to avoid our mistake.

When it comes to dessert tacos, we’d still prefer a cookie dough taco over this ice cream taco, but it is a beautiful-looking creation. We might give this one another chance next time we’re at the Boardwalk, or even when the new location opens at Disney Springs. (If you’re curious, you can see some of the progress on the new location in our photo report here.) Enjoy!