REVIEW: Caramel and Coconut Churro – Holidays 2019 at Disneyland Park

Matthew Soberman

REVIEW: Caramel and Coconut Churro – Holidays 2019 at Disneyland Park

The holidays have arrived at Disneyland Park, and we’re enjoying all the seasonal churros the park has to offer. This year, the churro carts at Town Square and near Sleeping Beauty Castle are offering a caramel and coconut churro! Let’s take a bite out of the holidays and see what we think of it!

Caramel and Coconut Churro – $6.75

DL Coconut Caramel Churro 01

We aren’t huge coconut fans however we ended up enjoying this churro. The churro itself has a light cinnamon kick to it.

L Coconut Caramel Churro 05

The caramel sauce is served at room temp and is pretty thick.

L Coconut Caramel Churro 02

This could get messy so use caution.

L Coconut Caramel Churro 04

The sauce was just a basic caramel sauce. Nothing life-changing but it was fun to dip and eat. We honestly wouldn’t know there was any coconut if it wasn’t visible. Basically, it’s a regular churro with caramel sauce.

This item is available from November 8th, 2019 through January 6th, 2020. And if this caught your fancy, you can find the complete listing of holiday treats at Disneyland Park here!

Do caramel and coconut make for good toppings, or do you like something else on your churro? Let us know in the comments, and keep reading WDWNT and Disneyland News Today for continuing coverage of the holidays at Disneyland Park!


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