REVIEW: Christmas Cherry Pistachio Float with Cold Hot Chocolate from Aloha Isle Refreshments is a Red & Green Holiday Nightmare

The Magic Kingdom has debuted a very large list of new food and beverage items just in time for the holiday season. Some of these new offerings can be found all day, while other specialty offerings are exclusive to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. Aloha Isle Refreshments has added a new Cherry Pistachio Float to their menu and we decided to try it so you don’t have to.

Cherry and Pistachio soft serve ice cream are swirled together and served with cold hot chocolate. That’s right. Cold hot chocolate. It sounds pretty unusual, and that’s always fun for us to try, so we went in with an open mind on this one. You can clearly see the chocolate at the bottom of the cup, and then the soft serve is piled up on top.

We decided to try each of the 3 flavors by themselves first. The pistachio flavor was very strong and unexpected at first. The cherry was super tart and sweet. It was pretty intense. We put a straw in the float to then get a taste of the cold hot chocolate at the bottom, and it tasted exactly like the rich hot cocoa served at the party, only ice cold. Everything seemed to taste good alone, but once these flavors started to combine, we were in trouble.

This was really bad. It was bad in such a strange way, we couldn’t stop sipping it, just trying to figure out what was going on and how someone could think that this concotion makes sense. Occasionally it tasted okay, but then it suddenly went back to an awful conflict of tastes. We’re not even sure who this might appeal to, so you might just save your $5.99 and try one of the many other wonderful snacks at the Magic Kingdom.

This one did not make the “nice list” for us this year and might actually give us nightmares. If you’ve got snack credits to spare, or you’re feeling brave, you can find this cherry pistachio float in Adventureland at the Magic Kingdom, but we’ll be sticking with the raspberry pineapple float from now on.

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