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PHOTOS: Holiday Mule and “Frostbite” Specialty Alcoholic Drinks Bring Christmas Cheer to Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Season’s greetings from the Hollywood that never was and will always be! A flurry of fun has floated its way into Disney’s Hollywood Studios and it’s not just for the kids. As a part of the special holiday offerings, two new alcoholic beverages are available at the outdoor bars throughout the park. Let’s check out the Holiday Mule and Frostbite.

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FUN FACT: The bartender explained to us that the menu had a mistake. The photos should be swapped. The red drink is the Holiday Mule and the blue drink is the Frostbite. We walked by later that night and noticed that the signs had been corrected.

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Let’s start with the Holiday Mule. It’s made with vodka, limoncello, cranberry juice and ginger beer. It took us just one sip to realize that this drink was strong. It might have been the bartender, but we were definitely getting our money’s worth of alcohol with this drink.

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In all honesty, this drink was just okay. Typical mules have a ginger flavor, but this was overpowering. It seemed like strong ginger flavors were supposed to evoke Christmas baking spices. They didn’t. Combine the strong ginger with the limoncello, and you have a drink that will warm you up real fast. We didn’t even taste the slightest hint of cranberry either.

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At least this drink is pretty Instagramable.

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The second holiday adult beverage is the Frostbite. Out of the two new holiday alcoholic drinks available in the park, this one is our winner. You know, looks aren’t everything. The Frostbite might not be as picture perfect as the Holiday Mule, but it still packs a punch.


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Made with vodka, curacao, cranberry juice, and sweet-and-sour, we find this drink refreshing. The ingredients seem to blend better together, avoiding one ingredient from overpowering. When sipping, it had a slight fruity, sweet start followed by a tart finish.

The holiday drinks both are $17.00 and come with a Mickey-shaped glow cube. Which holiday drink are you most excited to try? Happy sipping!

  1. Looks so good, both drinks! So funny, I was a food scientist and worked on a project for a well-known company that made a curacao mixer. It’s supposed to be bitter orange but the company actually wanted to change that! I wanted to say “then don’t call it curacao!”

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