REVIEW: Deck the Halls Frozen Eggnog Not The Brightest Bulb on the Christmas Tree at the Magic Kingdom

The holidays are in full swing here at the Magic Kingdom with new Christmas treats around every corner. Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe in Tomorrowland has a new frozen eggnog on the menu. Deck the Halls is frozen eggnog topped by whipped cream, confetti sprinkles, and a white chocolate bulb. It might not look anything like the photo, but we’ve gotten used to that.

A giant red or green chocolate Christmas light garnishes the drink, but not for long. The presentation of this drink is a fail, with the giant white chocolate bulb sinking like a rock. It’s so big and heavy, it sinks into the whipped cream and right to the bottom. It’s a mess, but it still looks good with metallic sprinkles and whipped cream.

It’s amazing. If you like eggnog, this is like a cross between a milk shake and a slush. It’s very creamy and perfect for the season. This offers some traditional holiday flavor, perfect for the Florida heat.

We fished the giant bulb out from the bottom of the drink with a spoon. It was no easy task, either. It’s so heavy, there’s just no way to save it at this point. The chocolate is very hard to bite, and at this point it’s really cold, so it wasn’t very good. It’s a cute idea, and maybe they’ll change the size of the bulb at some point to make it work out a little better.

It might not look like the photo on the sign, but it is delicious and worth a visit to Tomorrowland. $8.99 is a little overpriced, considering the Cherry Pistachio Float at Aloha Isle is $5.99 and the Christmas Cookie Milkshake from Auntie Gravity’s is $7.99. Either way, this is a delicious addition to the menu and is one of the new holiday snacks that is offered all day at the Magic Kingdom. If you’re in the mood for a little holiday cheer, head over to Cosmic Ray’s for Deck the Halls Frozen Eggnog.

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10 months ago

We had the very first two kakamora floats and they were delish!!!! They put the decor/cake pop/kakamora on a paper stick(straw?) So it stayed a float. Perhaps they should so that with the bulb?