REVIEW: Olaf’s Frozen Hot Cocoa Cake from the Main Street Bakery is a Chocolate and Marshmallow Dream at the Magic Kingdom

With so many new sweet treats around the Magic Kingdom, it can be a bit overwhelming. Olaf’s Frozen Hot Cocoa Cake is a beautifully layered dessert from the Main Street Bakery that is perfect for the holiday season. It’s a chocolate and marshmallow lovers dream and can be found all day long on Main Street, U.S.A.

The Main Street Bakery is the Starbucks location for the Magic Kingdom, so it tends to be very busy in there. This dessert might even be missed if you’re the type to just pass by Starbucks, but it’s worth stopping for.

Olaf looks adorable on top of a layer of swirled red, orange, and purple buttercream frosting. His head is made of white chocolate, while his body is marshmallow with chocolate detailing. You can see layers of chocolate, crispy pearls, and marshmallow in the cup. The buttercream is extremely sweet, but underneath you’ll find a luscious layer of marshmallow cream. The description says marshmallow fluff, but the consistency was runnier and more like an ice cream topping, and honestly so much better than fluff. The layer of marshmallow might have been the best part of the entire dessert. The chocolate panna cotta layer tasted like a marshmallow chocolate pudding and captured the hot cocoa idea perfectly. A little layer of gluten-friendly chocolate cake can be found at the bottom, but there isn’t very much of it. There’s also a layer of crispy pearls in the middle that give the dessert a nice texture and crunch.

We enjoyed everything about this dessert, which was a nice surprise after the awful Halloween cupcake. You may have to wait in a long line at the Main Street Bakery to order Olaf’s Frozen Hot Cocoa Cake, but it’s worth it. Will you be trying this adorable new seasonal dessert?