REVIEW: “Frozen 2″ Is Another Unnecessary Disney Sequel

Frozen 2

If you loved “Frozen” and are expecting more of the same from “Frozen 2”, you may be disappointed. “Frozen 2” lacks the charm and heart of the first movie in so many ways.


Before watching “Frozen 2”, I went back and re-watched “Frozen”, and it made me realize just how great that film was. It wasn’t perfect, and had a few missteps, but overall it is one of the better Disney animated films of this generation. Probably what hurt that film most was that it was so successful, that it created a frenzy that had rarely been seen before for an animated film and people began to get sick of seeing Frozen everywhere. But with “Frozen” making $1.3 billion at the worldwide box office, a sequel was inevitable.


It’s not all bad, but it’s mostly bad. So, let’s start with the good, and let’s start with Elsa. Elsa is a beloved character and she still will be after this movie. Idina Menzel again provides the voice for Elsa and she also provides a lot of heart to the character. Elsa is the more responsible of the two siblings and she continues to demonstrate just how much she will sacrifice to protect Anna and the people of Arendelle. When it’s time for Elsa to have her moment and belt out a song or two, you can’t help but be impressed at what a wonderful and powerful singing voice Menzel has.

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The animation has seen a significant bump in quality. The original movie came out in 2013 and you can tell in this movie just how much technology has improved and evolved since then. There are some scenes of the forest that look photo-realistic at times. The highlight has to be when Elsa is fighting to get past the waves that are preventing her from her destination. There are also giant rock monsters that seem to be a visual giant step up from the ice monster in the first movie. The animation is just mind-blowing at times and always impressive.


Now for the bad, and it has to start with the music. There is not one song in “Frozen 2” that comes even close to anything that was in “Frozen”. You keep hoping from the start of each song that this is going to be the new “Let It Go” or “For The First Time In Forever”, but that never happens. Sure there are a few songs by Idina Menzel that sound great, but it’s mostly because she is singing them. Otherwise, these songs are not memorable at all. It also feels like there are twice as many as the original, which makes it twice as bad.

There is a song that is sung by Jonathan Groff, who voices Kristoff, that is just painful to watch. It seriously looks like an 80’s music video and it just looks out of place. Robert and Kristen Anderson Lopez did such a great job writing the songs for “Frozen”, but I don’t know what happened this time. If I was Disney, I would have told them, “Not good enough, start over”.

Frozen 2 2

The most important part of a movie is the story and this story is weak. I was glad that it wasn’t a complete retelling of “Frozen”, but after 6 years, you would have thought they would have come up with something better than what they gave us. It is very trippy at times, it can be very boring at times, and boy, does it drag at times. If you are a fan of the movie “The Fifth Element”, you may experience some déjà vu.

And a big problem with this story is that there really is no villain. It’s more like a mystery. It even reminded me a bit of Scooby Doo, we were just missing Shaggy. Hans was a great villain in “Frozen”, especially since most people did not see his turn coming, and that is surely missed this time around. Sometimes a movie is only as good as its villain is. Kind of hard to have that here, when one doesn’t exist.


I had to bring up Olaf. I was kind of shocked that in the first movie, he didn’t really bother me… much. And I am shocked again, because he didn’t bother me in this one either. Olaf is there for comic relief and for the kids to have something to laugh at. And if that is his job, he does a good job at it.

My biggest problem with “Frozen” has always been the character of Kristoff. He has always been just a love interest for Anna and never a very good one. One of his most annoying traits is when he does his ventriloquist act with his pet reindeer, Sven. For some reason, the writers decided that we needed even more of that this time around. In this movie, Kristoff basically spends most of his time doing that tired old shtick of proposing to a girl, Anna, and either being overly nervous about it, or constantly being interrupted by someone. By the fourth time he does this, your eyes will roll completely in the back of your head.

Frozen 2 3

One thing that really surprised me was the ending. I think this ending is going to be very controversial towards fans of the “Frozen” franchise. I am pretty sure that most fans are not going to like it and I kind of wonder who at Disney decided to give their stamp of approval on it. Part of me liked the ending because I wasn’t expecting it and it was a bit daring to go in that direction, but it also feels like something just doesn’t feel right as a conclusion.

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It’s nice to see the characters from “Frozen” return, but it would have been even nicer if they gave them something interesting to do. Unlike a lot of sequels, this movie can probably stand on it’s own without knowing too much about the original, but who cares if the movie stinks. I sometimes wonder if Disney interferes too much with the direction of their movies, or maybe not enough. I just think that if Disney administered proper quality control with their films, we would have gotten a better movie, or maybe the movie would have been delayed until there was a better story available. 

Do you remember how you felt after seeing “Ralph Breaks the Internet”? You might have that feeling again after seeing “Frozen 2”. Hoping for something better, but getting something less.

I give “Frozen 2” a 6/10.

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  1. The fact that kids will want to see is all that matters and will ultimately determine this movie’s success. A critique from a grown man with no children holds no weight.

    • “A critique from a grown man with no children holds no weight” sorry but this is a very stupid thought, movies are subject to be criticized and analyzed by fans and movie experts. That comment is equal to say: a movie of WW II can’t be judge by someone who didn’t fight it. And a big Disney release isn’t just to entertain a bunch of young kids. It should have the quality and perfection to be loved by all ages and even been subject of cinema recognition and nominations as many other Disney movies in the past.

      • Besooke Disney, so if critics think thought that Frozen 2 was a disaster, parents wouldn’t take their kids to see it? Are you kidding? Kids don’t care if it’s good or bad….kids don’t understand all of the themes good or bad. Kids care about goofy and lovable characters, colors, environments and songs. I feel sorry for you children that they’re not allowed to develop their own opinions. This is an animated Disney movie….it’s meant to entertain a bunch of young kids!!!! You’re also saying that if a WWII movie gets rave reviews, you’ll take your children to see it? You’re ok with your children seeing violence, gore and adult themes as long as it’s made well? 95% of people seeing Frozen 2 have children – end of story.

    • I, mother of two little girls, agree with him completely. The movie is too dark and the story too rushed and complicated even for adults that I doubt kids understand what the story means and what to take from it. They loved the first movie because of humour and memorable songs and this movie has very little humour and not even one song which would kids love to sing. The Kristoff song was really painful to see.

    • Not that its a huge chunk of their money source. I took my kids to see it, but most likely wont ever watch it again. But I will certainly not be buying frozen 2 DVD, or even watching it on netflix, or buying any frozen 2 swag. Box office revenue is nice but as Yogurt says “Merchandising, thats where the real money from the movie is made.”

  2. I disagree. I thought the music in this one was better, the story is more complex, and the emotional depth is amazing. They also worked with the Sami people to get most of the lore and inspiration for the story.

    • Music was awful, nothing had a catchy chorus or rhythm. Story was way more complex that’s another reason it was awful, terrible storyline. Jumping in Elsa still isn’t satisfied with her life so tears her kingdom down to follow a voice, absurd journey, contrived love story, two naive sisters just chasing each other, and a pointless ending

  3. Wow…talk about something going right over your head. First off, the Kristoff song was SUPPOSED to feel out of place. T’was the joke. Secondly, there was a villain. It was the past, it was insecurity, it was your inner thoughts. I really think you guys need to find someone who actually likes and understands movies & film to start doing your movie reviews.

  4. The first Frozen movie was fairly hollow too, served as a long music video for the 2-3 hit songs. The storytelling paled greatly to the likes of Moana, everything about it seemed kind of, ironically, missing the magic. I’m sure I’ll see the sequel 15 times due to having young kids, and expect about the same level. That said, Ralph Breaks the Internet was awesome through and through, absolutely one of my favorites!

  5. Hmmm, how to reply. I agree with some parts, and disagree with others. I think they needed to again, give everybody equal parts for songs, and when you have Indina Menzel, You give her two. Now for Christoff, Groff is a great singer, he was on glee, and he performs on Broadway, so I think it was a misstep last time not letting him sing. I agree with the ending.I wasn’t a huge fan, but.. Not every movie is perfect. And there is a villain you just don’t realize it was a villain from a different time. I went with a group of five adults, the youngest being 44, and we all walked out happy. That’s what is important, and we have to remember its a Disney cartoon. The most important thing is the kids love it. The Chritoff song was for us adults because of all the 80’s references and such.

    • The most important thing about a Disney movie is that it inspires others with happiness. As Walt himself said, it’s not just cheap entertainment for kids.

  6. I don’t agree with this article. I went to last night’s showing the crowd was amazing. They sang they cried, this sequel made you feel for the characters. There was more adventure. Olaf was hilarious. This sequel was needed because we needed to find out how Elsa got her powers. Now we know. 9.5/10

      • Ok, boomer. Why is there this strange, immature, neanderthal-brained idea that all animation, by Disney or anybody, is automatically less deep and only for kids? Do people forget that animated shorts used to be for adults only, shown before movies? Do people forget that any story, no matter who it is geared towards, can have a message that’s deep enough for most people to get? Do people forget that adults are the ones making the films and that other adults who want to write stories might get something out of it, inspiration for instance, and end up working on such films themselves? Do please keep being as ignorant as you are now, but know this: Willful ignorance is self-destructive, and in my honest opinion morally wrong. It’s pretty pathetic and is ruining parts of society.

  7. I really loved it. The 90s power ballad was hilarious. It was beautifully dark, which really showed a side of Disney you only get from Pixar. The best song was Show Yourself which no one seems to care about but the message is truly amazing. Everything is outside of the box. There’s no villain, a love story that doesn’t actually matter (also love that) and sort of like Wreck it Ralph, the characters don’t have to be up on top of each other to have a good life. They are still family but they’re doing their own thing. It’s great.

  8. Wow – my family of 5 had the exact opposite response. The group, ages 13 – 70, all loved it and my daughters thought it better then the first. The only thing they did not like about the ending was that their custom shirts were no longer relevant.

  9. I disagree… saw it last night, it was great!!. The songs are at the same level of quality as the previous film, plus Joe comment about liking the songs just for Idina is not true, i didnt listen Brandon´s version until the credits rolled up and i thought that was an amazing song… I´m more curious to know what people thought about the ending. I wont talk about it in deep but i got a totally different take on it than my friends, it made me think about hans christian’s little mermaid story

    • No one is debating the song “QUALITY” they were produced in studio with great voices. Lyrically and the writing behind the songs was rather awful.

  10. This isn’t specific to this particular review but for a website that’s supposed to be about reviewing and providing context on the most magical place on earth all you get from this site is negativity. I very rarely see any positivity from this blog

  11. You clearly don’t know your audience. And you clearly don’t know the attraction that is Frozen overall. Frozen II was a really great sequel and answered a lot of questions. It gave everyone a “home,” and “Into The Unknown” is incredible. Not to mention the cinematography and folklore. The entire storytelling overall regarding family and how they’re made of all kinds, sisterly bonds, making peace and standing down against enemies, among many more symbolic areas- the sequel can’t be compared to Wreck It 2. I’m not sure how this article came to be, or why you chose to say what you said, knowing who follows your establishment, and the demographic that is Disney fans and Frozen alike, but I would suggest a new movie reviewer or partner for balance. Reviews should be honest, but not completely inaccurate/off the wall.

  12. I completely disagree. I think Frozen 2 was better than the original. It was incredible. The music was incredible. The story was incredible.

  13. After my experience with Ralph Breaks The Internet, I approached Frozen II last night with a cautious optimism … Personally, I was disappointed.


    While the animation was beautiful, and the songs were lovely, the story had no real weight or rhythm to it. For example, Elsa sings “Into The Unknown” about not belonging, but aside from this statement in the song, the audience is never -shown- how or why she feels this way before starting to sing. Anna, unfortunately, regresses as a character and flinches each time she misunderstands something that Kristoff says. And poor Kristoff … Instead of giving him a beautiful, nuanced song to express his feelings — like Frozen’s “Let It Go,” or “For The First Time In Forever” — his song is a cringe-fest of overacted 1980’s-inspired goofiness.

    Despite my criticisms, I did not hate Frozen II, but as an animation enthusiast, was disappointed by a film that needed one or two more drafts to make it a tighter, more tonally-balanced film with characters who, well, acted like themselves. (Similar, in my opinion, to Ralph Breaks The Internet.) Elsa, Anna, Kristoff and Olaf deserved better.

  14. I agree. Big disappointment in every way, and yes, Ralph 2 sucked as well. For those that think this movie was even better than the first frozen, I’d love to have some of what you’re smoking.

    • Agreed, people on here say “I REALLY LIKED EVERYTHING AND THE SONGS WERE EVEN BETTER”, well considering Let it go made top 5 on billboard top 100 and there were multiple songs to reach top 100 from the 2013 movie, I disagree with anything other than visuals being better in this sequel. Sure, sequels usually really suck, so as far as sequels go it’s decent. But to go from a Disney unsure and random release in 2013 that turned into an iconic movie, then getting 6 years to do it right and becoming their flagship, they dropped the ball big time.

  15. Oh, I really liked it and thought the boy band song and video was hilarious and 100% done for the parents who no doubt grew up watching these boy band videos. I thought the movie was great and wasn’t disappointed. I do agree there’s no “let it go” “do you want to build a snowman” or “summer” type catchy songs but it was still a good movie and OLAF is the best :)

  16. I agree with the whole of this. There were so many plot holes when we came out of the film, my boyfriend picked over both of them. There were a lot of parts that felt shoe-horned in, and also a lot that just didn’t make sense? Without spoiling the movie entirely, the motifs such as the horse and the little lizard didn’t make sense – what do they do? They seemed to have no point. Also – their motif wasn’t a continuation of a theme which annoyed me.

    It also had that marvel/Solo feel of SOMETHING!! Must be!! HAPPENING at ALL TIMES – no real proper flow to enable us to process the story – otherwise the kids get bored and can’t pay attention? Moana was incredibly superior to this in terms of story – and Frozen itself was better paced.

    Into the unknown is an incredible song though. And Groffs song was HILARIOUS. I laughed out loud at that one. Olaf was just himself, and Anna and Elsa and the animation were beautiful. Can’t help feeling all the outfit changes were just so they can sell even more dolls though.

    Came out of the theatre feeling slightly disappointed. I agree with the score, it just wasn’t as good as it could’ve been really – the story let it down.

  17. It’s going to be very difficult for Frozen 2 to have such a major music hit like “Let it go”. It was a major success like “The Circle of Life”. I even didn’t like the song very much at first, but Disney Parks made me love it , including “Let It Go” everywhere. 🌬❄️

  18. I agree with everything you wrote. I loved the first movie because of the humour and memorable songs. Also Anna was very funny and Elsa was mysterious yet exciting. They HAD character and there was lot of dialogue.

    The new movie lacks all of the above. The ending was the most disappointing part. Anna and Elsa had kept assuring each other whole movie that they would stay together forever no matter what, yet in the end they live separately and far from each other.

    I wish they never made this movie. I quite liked the Birthday short movie though.

  19. I downloaded a pirated HD version (as I refuse to give Disney any money) and watched it at home. Frozen 2 sucked. People saying they liked it obviously have very immature, poor taste. My kids even hated it and lost interest. We ended up shutting it off 30 mins in and put on Zootopia instead. Nothing more sad and pathetic than grown adults obsessed with children’s movies.

  20. I want Hans. That’s it. That’s all I have to say. I miss him and I want him back – in this movie, that is…

  21. I feel like maybe some of the nuances of the film were lost on your first viewing? Kristoff’s song is meant to be cringey – that’s the humor of it. If that’s not your thing, that’s cool, but pretty much everyone in my age group (30s) loved it.

    Of course there’s a villain. The villain is no longer around, but the consequences of the villain’s actions are. Sometimes the opposing force isn’t a person so much as it is an idea, and that’s the case here. Their job is to deal with those consequences and make things right.

    You’re definitely right that the music just isn’t as catchy as the first movie. I was thinking this while I was watching it. But I have had “Into the Unknown” in my head ever since so at least there’s something earwormy about it.

    I hated Olaf in the first one and hate him in this even more, but I also acknowledge that he’s meant as comic relief for kids and is not a character meant for me.

    I think there’s something really beautiful about a movie that revolves around searching for something, trying to find an extra something, trying to reach your full potential – and realizing that those possibilities lived within you all along, you just had to work to access them.

    • I’m in my twenties but the Kristoff song was terrible. I was laughing at how bad it was, not because it I thought it was supposed to be intentionally funny.

  22. My family and I both enjoyed the movie. Everyone has their opinions on it and this reviewer has his. My kids both loved it- despite not “getting it” all- walked out of the theater singing “unknown”. BTW…. I LOVED Kristoff’s power ballad. Olaf was great. Elsa has been struggling in her own skin and was satisfied with the ending. I was ok with this movie, and if you weren’t- that’s ok too.

  23. Saw it yesterday. I personally thought it was odd how dark it was. It didn’t have whimsy like the first. Olaf’s song was also weird. My kids, husband, and MIL liked it though.

  24. I have to go with several other commenters and say that it seems like this movie went over the reviewer’s head. When Anna is discussing her feelings of grief, it’s so real and visceral. If you have ever experienced a close, close loss in your life you will feel what she’s singing. This movie is deeper than I expected in many ways, which I loved about it. It’s themes were existential and it had very tongue in cheek moments (e.g. Christoph’s 80’s music video with reindeer, my favorite song in the whole thing btw.). I don’t find this movie “unnecessary” in any way. To say that seems to toss it into the dumping ground with the likes of Pocahontas 2, which is insulting. If you’re a person going into this movie wanting it to fail, then of course it will. It’s a gorgeous and thoughtful story, verging on intellectual at times, which may make it unreachable for some people. I expected nothing from this movie and felt like I got everything.

  25. Awesome review, pretty much agreed with everything. Movie was a disappointment and at times I was in fact angry at Disney for not doing a better job with this sequel. Songs were forgettable, plot was concluded, and not nearly as funny as the first frozen.

  26. I mean, your opinion is your opinion, but you don’t exactly have to come up and say to the world how “bad” it is. Frozen 2 is, I guess, a little less than expected, but there is no reason to criticize a lot of the movie. I like the movie overall, and before you do a movie review based on your own opinion and criticizing, I would recommend thinking about who you could offend by saying this type of stuff. The creators of Frozen 2 probably took a long time planning and making the movie. So I would recommend maybe adding a bit more positivity into movie reviews.

  27. I don’t know who hurt you to cause you to be so negative. Shame on them for breaking your heart. You need a warm hug from Olaf to recover.

  28. I was never a massive frozen fan, I gave the first movie 7/10. This one 5/10. My other half fell asleep. Agree with all of the above! 6 years Disney!!!! 6 years for that!? I can’t even remember a single song

  29. Worst review ever….this movie was amazing and had so much depth and the music was on ANOTHER LEVEL, Broadway musical level. Sheesh. Frozen 1 was hollow and a classic childish Disney movie with no emotion in the story, it was rushed. This movie had more focus on the story and relationships, granted probably more geared towards the adults but again the music and song lyrics are sooo much better and cover a range of music (Kristoffs song is reminescent of a classic queen rock song) and my kids are belting them out just the same.! To each their own!!

  30. Actually i thought this movie was perfect for those little girls that seen this movie back when it came out 6 years ago. I thought it was awesome that it grew up with them in the sequel. Not too grown up but not babies anymore as well. I thought this second movie didnt match up song wise to let it go, it PASSED it. It didnt just have one or two songs in it that was great but ATLEAST 3 that are beond amazing! Into the unknow is great but doesnt hold a candle to “Show yourself” and omg if you listen to the lyrics to Anna’s song “the next right thing” is so deep and can be so easily used to ones normal life and coping with loss. Olaf’s song “when im older” matches perfevtly to his normal character and come on as a child how many of us can relate to it. Be honest. This movie closed a whole chapter on the Sisters from Aredale perfectly. And if your child was scared of frozen 2 then sheesh perhaps its time to stop coddling them so dang much, nothing was scary about it at all. My 4 yr old LOVED it and so did all the other children under 12 that was in the theatre watching.

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