REVIEW: New Pilgrim Mickey Cupcake Serves Up All The Thanksgiving Pies at Disney’s Contemporary Resort

Happy Thanksgiving from Disney’s Contemporary Resort. The Contempo Café is one of our favorite stops for a sweet treat that never disappoints. The desserts here are always beautiful and delicious. When we discovered Pilgrim Mickey’s “All of the Thanksgiving Pies” cupcake, we knew it was time for a Thanksgiving feast!

We couldn’t resist Mickey in his cute little pilgrim hat. The fondant buckle and leaf on the hat might be our favorite part. This cupcake really does combine all the pies. A pumpkin flavored cake is filled with a pecan pie filling, and then topped by a white chocolate hat with apple pie filling. The buttercream is a simple vanilla flavor which balances out all the Fall flavors. We can already smell the pumpkin and can’t wait to dig in.

As we took off the white chocolate pilgrim hat, we noticed it felt heavy. Suspiciously heavy. We cracked open the top to reveal a beautiful apple pie filling. We weren’t expecting the pie filling to actually be in the hat, so it was a nice surprise.

As we cut into the cupcake, we found a thick pecan pie filling in the center. We can already see the filling is packed full of chopped pecans. There isn’t too much taste to the filling, but the pecans add a nice crunch to the cupcake. We also suggest digging out a little of the apple pie filling from the pilgrim hat to add to the cupcake, because it’s delicious. The cake is incredible fresh and decadent. It’s a little bit more dense than your typical cupcake, and packs the perfect cinnamon and pumpkin flavors. This is the perfect way to have all the holiday pies rolled into one!

This cupcake really does combine all the holiday pie flavors into one sweet treat. We might just skip the real pie and head right for the Contempo Café after we have our turkey. We’re thankful for a lot of things this year, including all the delicious cupcakes. If you want to try this Pilgrim Mickey cupcake, be sure to hurry over to Disney’s Contemporary Resort before they’re gone!