PHOTOS: New World Showcase Restrooms Showing First Themed Facade Accents at EPCOT

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Hello from the construction site that is EPCOT! It’s hard to go anywhere in the park these days without seeing massive construction projects underway. With all the construction walls and fences everywhere, it can be difficult to see what’s actually happening, but when it comes to the new restrooms next to the Refreshment Port, the progress has been very apparent.

The new restrooms, which are on the pathway leading into World Showcase from Future World West, have received new stylistic architectural details along with new exterior paint since our last update.

The building has intricate moulding all along the edges of the roof.

Decorative beams have also been added underneath the building’s overhanging eaves.

Framework has been put in above the main entrance and will most likely display signage once finished.

Tin metal sheets are also being installed on the roof.

Workers were harnessed in on the rooftop, laying the tin sheets into place.

These new restrooms will be replacing the small ones that stood by Refreshment Port. The old restrooms were always crowded, so new restrooms are a much needed update.

Keep checking WDWNT for updates on all of the construction projects happening around EPCOT and the rest of Walt Disney World Resort.