The Simba Prezel is a sight to behold

REVIEW: Simba Pretzels with Cheese are the Main Event at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

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Move over, Mickey Pretzels, there’s a new king around the snack carts. A new Simba pretzel has just become the “mane” event over at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and we’re already feeling the love. Take a look at this adorable and delicious new snack.

The Simba pretzel is precious. Twisted to look like the drawing Rafiki does of young Simba, this pretzel is made for the ‘Gram.

For $6.79, you get a warm, golden pretzel. Ours didn’t have very much salt, but we didn’t mind. Maybe we got lucky, but this pretzel was amazing. It was much softer and fresher than some of the Mickey pretzels we’ve had lately.

It even comes with a side of cheddar cheese dip.

We purchased ours at Harambe Fruit Market, but the pretzel with cheese is and can be found at multiple carts around the park. We actually didn’t even notice any Mickey pretzels, and permanent signs had been changed from Mickey Pretzels to Simba Pretzels. It’s possible that Simba may be your only option, but that’s not a complaint from us.

This is a nice twist on one of our classic favorites. You really can’t go wrong with a snack this cute. Are you excited for the new Simba pretzel at Disney’s Animal Kingdom or do you still prefer the original Mickey pretzel? Let us know in the comments.

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10 months ago

That pretzel is a blight on Walt Disney’s legacy. Shame on you for promoting such a slap in the face to Walt and Ub’s original creation. With “fans” like you, Disney needs no haters.

Delete your account, fraud.

Tom Corless
10 months ago
Reply to  Tom


10 months ago
Reply to  Tom

For the record, Walt and Ub’s original creation was not a pretzel.


9 months ago

Now if they would just bring back that frozen POG slushy machine…..