REVIEW: New Yummy Bear Alcoholic Shake is a Sweet Way to Get Tipsy at Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort

Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort has some tasty snacks in their bakery case, but we spotted something sweet on the menu that also contains vodka. The Yummy Bear Shake is exactly what we need today.

This shake is a combination of rainbow sherbert, Tito’s Handmade Vodka, and gummy bears. That’s right. Gummy bears and vodka. Who says you have to grow up? (Well, you do have to be 21 to indulge in this one, so maybe it was necessary to grow up a little.)

The sign advertises the alcoholic Yummy Bear Shake for $15, but we noticed it was only $13.25 on the receipt. This is already a win!

It’s filled to the top and definitely a show stopper. The whipped cream, sprinkles, and gummy bears on top are beautiful. It was dripping over the edge, so we had to take a few quick sips and we couldn’t believe how good this tasted. It’s rainbow sherbert, so it was similar to an orange creamsicle with other fruity flavors. The vodka is blended into the drink very well and we couldn’t even taste it. It’s not too strong, which makes it go down almost too easily. Even without the vodka, this would probably be one of the best shakes we’ve had in a while. The melting whipped cream and sherbert are dreamy together. There were even more gummy bears in the shake, which made for an additional snack later. Despite being in the cold beverage, the gummy bears were super soft and chewy. We just can’t get enough of this delicious grown up beverage.

For as many gummy bears as we had in the drink, never once did they block the straw or make it difficult to sip the drink. We even had more gummy bears to enjoy after we finished. We will be back again for another Yummy Bear soon!

You can find the Yummy Bear shake, and lots of other goodies, at Disney’s All-Star Movies World Premiere Food Court from the Rialto. This is one of the sweetest ways to enjoy an adult beverage here at Walt Disney World. Will you be making your way over to the World Premiere Food Court to give this one a try?

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