Snow Whites Scary Adventures Stock Photo

Snow White’s Scary Adventures to Undergo Large Scale Refurbishment at Disneyland

According to a permit filed with the City of Anaheim, Snow White’s Scary Adventures is to undergo an extensive refurbishment at Disneyland. The classic Fantasyland attraction will see improvements to everything from rockwork and projectors to the show sets and props themselves.

Snow Whites Scary Adventures Stock Photo

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Here’s the description of the permit “Tenant Improvement: 6,212 sq ft to remove and replace show prop sets and scenes, install new structural beams, rockwork and new projector platforms. With electrical”.

Snow White’s Scary Adventure is not on any Disneyland refurbishment calendar at this moment, so it is unknown when this refurbishment will take place. However, given the filing of the permit and the nature of the work, we’d expect it to happen sometime in the near future and require significant downtime for the attraction.

  1. At least this means Scary Adventures is going to stick around for a while, considering the string of classic attractions and rumors of those classic attractions leaving… downtime is worth it if it gets to stay!

    1. Stop crying about keeping the old stuff, Disneyland needs new and improved rides we’re all sick and tired of the old stuff get over it stop holding Disneyland back.

      1. Nobody has a problem with new things being added, but i personally know tons of people who go to see the things they remember as a child, not the things that disney currently finds hip. If disnwy removes all the old attractions to put new in, they would be no better than universal or six flags. Disney himself liked new and current things, but never once replaced his original ideas.

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