BREAKING: Name and Details Revealed for All-New “Mickey’s Magical Music World” Show at Tokyo Disneyland’s Fantasyland Forest Theater

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Mickey's Magical Music World Fantasyland Forest Theater concept art

BREAKING: Name and Details Revealed for All-New “Mickey’s Magical Music World” Show at Tokyo Disneyland’s Fantasyland Forest Theater

It’s been just over two months since the opening date of the upcoming Tokyo Disneyland expansion was revealed. But one thing the Oriental Land Company has been silent about is the show coming to the Fantasyland Forest Theater. Until now! So far, the only details we knew were a basic plot and the costumes. But today, the Oriental Land Company revealed exactly what’s coming April 15th. And that includes the title: Mickey’s Magical Music World!

Show Details

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The Oriental Land Company provided a synopsis in their press release:

One day, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy find a giant music box deep in the forest. They turn the music box’s large golden key and doors suddenly open. Accompanied by the songs associated with them, various Disney Characters appear including Snow White, Pinocchio, Woody and his friends from the Disney and Pixar Toy Story film series, and more. Mickey and his Pals are delighted with the surprising development and are excited to hear the next song. But when the last door opens, no one appears and no music is heard. Worried, Mickey and his Pals set off on a journey to find the missing song. Along the way they encounter characters from many Disney films. Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast welcomes them with a colorful banquet. King Louie and others from The Jungle Book together with Timon from The Lion King put on a powerful jungle-style performance. In a lovely world of starry skies and mirrors, the Disney Princesses dance a graceful waltz. And then Ursula from The Little Mermaid and Captain Hook from Peter Pan appear in a thrilling scene. Will the journey of Mickey and his Pals lead them to the lost song?

This show, original to Tokyo Disneyland, will feature songs and dances as well as practical effects, projection mapping, and live performances by Cast Members.

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The Fantasyland Forest Theater will seat 1500 Guests per show, and Mickey’s Magical Music World will perform 5-9 times per day. Regarding the theater’s design, OLC said:

With half-timbers, tree forms and pillars, both the exterior and interior design of this theater were inspired by the forest. The chandeliers, which appear to use candles, are rustic as well. The theater is decorated with beautiful tapestries and murals which celebrate the forest and the woodland creatures from Disney animation.


It wouldn’t be a new offering at Tokyo Disney Resort without new merchandise to accompany! Around 15 new items themed to the show, primarily plushes, will be available April 8th.

Full-Size Plushes – ¥5100 ($46.83)

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Stuffed Badges – ¥2300 ($21.12) Each

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Once again, all Mickey’s Magical Music World-related merchandise will release at the Grand Emporium on April 8th, and will be available at the Village Shops from April 15th.

I’m so excited to see this show! Are you ready to disappear into Mickey’s Magical Music World? I’m still counting down the days! We’ll continue to keep you posted as we approach the grand opening on April 15th!

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