DREAMFINDERS: Disneyland’s 1st Host Bob D’Arcy on Working for Walt, Opening Day, & Falling in Love at the Golden Horseshoe

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In the early 1950’s Bob D’Arcy had just got back to California from playing in the Army Band and was looking for work. Fortunately his father had just been hired at a place that needed someone to tour big-wigs and celebrities around – a still under-construction Disneyland.

From there Bob became the very first tour guide ever at a Disney park and spent his time showing Walt Disney’s vision off to…well Walt Disney’s friends.

Bob’s stories are absolutely incredible as he remembers the time he drove a jeep with Imagineer Harper Goff through the Jungle Cruise, fell in love and found himself a part of one of Disneyland’s first scandals, and how years later he ended up playing Adolf Hitler in “The Rocketeer.”

Make sure to check out Bob’s book “A Walk in the Park: Reflections from Disneyland’s First Host” on Amazon.

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