Murphy Bed Falls On Guest During Opening Night at Disney’s Riviera Resort

Spencer Lloyd

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Murphy Bed Falls On Guest During Opening Night at Disney’s Riviera Resort

Spencer Lloyd

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Murphy Bed Falls On Guest During Opening Night at Disney’s Riviera Resort

At the newly-opened Disney’s Riviera Resort last night, a family awoke to a loud bang after a Murphy bed became detached from the wall and fell on top a family member who was sleeping in it.

Riviera Murphy 1

riviera murphy accident

The Guest was not moving at the time the bed collapsed on top of her. According to the post, it took two people to lift up the bed so their mother could roll out from under. Fortunately, she received only minor bumps and scrapes rather than anything serious. Emergency services were not necessary. Front desk Cast Members told the family that they would attempt to fix it later today.

Riviera Murphy 2

Pictured above is the Murphy bed featured in Deluxe Studios at Disney’s Riviera Resort. This style of bed is also included in various Villas.

We can only hope that this was a one-time incident, rather than anything indicative, but it’s concerning that such an accident happened on the very first night of operations. In the meantime, exercise caution if you’re staying at Disney’s Riviera Resort and sleeping on the fold-out Murphy bed.

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24 thoughts on “Murphy Bed Falls On Guest During Opening Night at Disney’s Riviera Resort”

  1. Wow Disney, wow. Fix it later that day? No thanks, I’ll take a bungalow at the Poly with a side of free passes for life. What a magical way to start your vacation….by being eaten by the bed you are sleeping in.

  2. My question is, how big was the guest and was this the small pull down murphy bed that is essentially meant for children? Because, if so, and if this guest weighed more than like 130 pounds, I would say this is not the hotel’s fault. The guests needed to make sure the room they were in had adequate sleeping space for their party.

    • This isn’t fair. Even if it had been a child sleeping there, I often sit or lay beside my child as he falls asleep or after a nightmare so I would expect this to be safe for that possibility. If it was not, it needs to be clearly marked so I can choose a different hotel.

    • Ummm this was ABSOLUTELY the hotels fault. This is a Murphy bed that should have been properly secured to a stud in the wall and you can clearly see in the photos taken by the guests that was clearly not done… And the Disney website boldly states these rooms sleep 5 ADULTS, and there is nothing stating there is a weight or height restrictions for those beds. Even if there was a restriction it should be clearly marked as such on the bed itself.

  3. notice in the picture of the Fallen Murphy bed Only four screws hold that thing to the wall. If the screws are not screwed into studs, only drywallboard Is holding up the weight of that unit plus a person laying in it. How ridiculous is that!!!!!!

  4. Looks like poor construction. 4 screws in plastic anchors were the only thing securing this heavy piece of furniture to the wall. The screws should have gone into solid wood blocking inside the walls.

  5. Are these Murphy beds larger than the ones at Port Orleans? Because I always thought they were for children. I can’t fathom how an adult would fit on one unless they were much, much smaller than average.

  6. Why was the mom sleeping in the murphy bed? No way would I make my mom sleep on a bed meant for kids while I take the big bed.

  7. If it wasn’t going to be fixed until the next day, where did this woman sleep that night? They couldn’t move them to a different room?

  8. It’s pretty clear why this happened – there is no way that four measly 2.5″ drywall screws could actually hold a piece of FURNITURE to a wall like that. If this was just a simple drawer unit, sure. But this is a fold-out bed with significant leverage swung out away from the wall. This thing needed sufficient backing and mounting hardware to support anyone of average size on the edge of that bed. Bottom line – your contractor underbid the job and cut corners to make a few bucks. Easy fix, but should never have happened in the first place.

  9. Correct me if I’m wrong here but it looks like those screws were straight into drywall or something else not secure for that weight. Also, only 2 (or maybe 4, I think maybe two fell out of the bracket) screws holding up that entire thing against the wall? This whole thing (no pun intended) reeks of shoddy and cheap work to me.

  10. The management probably should go inspect as many of those Murphy beds as possible and make sure wall anchors are built on. If that was a dresser cabinet? Ouch :(.

  11. OK, not a contractor here by any means, but I’ve assembled my share of cheap furniture. The picture makes it look like they literally just used 4 small screws at the top of the bed to fasten it to the wall. What? How could they possibly think that was secure enough to hold the weight of a person? Especially when that weight is distributed to the opposite end of where it’s fastened?

    Honestly, from the very beginning I thought the Riviera resort looked like an uninspired and cheap hotel considering what you’ll end up paying for. This incident only solidifies my impression.

  12. Hopefully they’ll check them all and reinforce them to make sure that doesn’t happen again. Nobody wants to wake up like that.😂

  13. Disney probably needs to give a weight capacity for those beds. I always thought it was children using them because it looks like it’s not great to support an adult’s weight.

    • Currently staying at the Disney Springs. They sent out voice messages to the rooms 12/24 evening that they are not to be used. Air mattresses offered. No other acceptable solutions offered. Completely unacceptable and has really ruined our first Disney trip. The cost of a stay is in no way equals my family sleeping on air mattresses.

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