REVIEW: New Topolino’s Terrace Character Breakfast at Disney’s Riviera Resort is One of Walt Disney World’s Best

Topolino is the Italian name for Mickey Mouse, and the new, signature table-service restaurant perched on the rooftop of Disney’s Riviera Resort is aptly named Topolino’s Terrace – Flavors of the Riviera. Today, we’re here to feast with Topolino himself at the resort’s exclusive character breakfast experience, Breakfast à la Art with Mickey & Friends!

This prix fixe character dining features the Fab Four all dressed in their artistic best––you have Mickey dressed as a painter, Minnie’s a poet, Donald is a sculptor, and Daisy is a dancer, tutu and all. This is the only place you’ll find them wearing these unique outfits, so for character fans, this breakfast will be in high demand for the next few months, for sure. At $41 for adults and $24 for children ages 3-9, you’re looking at a pricey endeavor, but it’s along the same price range for many other themed character breakfasts on property, and here you get rooftop dining in a brand-new setting.

Breakfast à la Art with Mickey & Friends is offered daily from 7:30–11:00 a.m. and counts as one table service entitlement for breakfast on the Disney Dining Plan. Currently, the only discounts available are for DVC and Club 33 Members.

Topolino’s Terrace Breakfast – Arrival and Atmosphere

When you arrive at Topolino’s Terrace, there’s one central check-in desk.

This is where you can also request adorable printed kid’s menus and name tag stickers featuring Topolino himself.

The check-in desk is flanked on both sides by fridges with long strands of pasta (and trays of pasta nests) and large cheese wheels.

Yes, reader. I photographed empty bathrooms to check if there was any Disney art inside.

If you’re looking to use the restroom at any point, there’s men’s and women’s restrooms, plus a companion restroom down the corridor to the left.

Logistics-wise, as we noted in our map guide, you can only reach Topolino’s Terrace using the East Wing elevators. If you’re staying over on the West Wing, we recommend cutting through the lobby and taking the elevators up to the 10th floor.

After check-in, you’re whisked inside with a friendly “Bonjour!” from a Cast Member.

Interestingly enough, it seems they’re attempting to embed a merchandise element to the character meal, with a slew of resort-exclusive plush, ears, and other items on display. In fact, they even make it onto the menu. This seemed kind of hokey at first, and will prove to be a nuisance to parents trying to keep their $100+ breakfast costs to a minimum, but all of the merchandise is so inspired, we didn’t really mind.

Seating options vary from booths, to barstools, to a variety of chairs. Character breakfasts usually take a few hours, but we were quite comfortable the whole way through, and it wasn’t too bulky or hard getting out of the chairs to stand up for a photo with your favorite character.

Much like Toledo in Disney’s Gran Destino Tower, Topolino’s Terrace follows the rooftop dining trend, offering bird’s eye views in a bright and airy space, thanks to the floor-to-ceiling windows. In fact, we think it does this much better than Toledo, as it truly felt very open, and from most seats, you can take in the beautiful blue sky and park sight lines while you eat and interact with characters.

As far as service goes, the Cast Members here were super attentive and knowledgeable about the menu. We asked a ton of questions and our very patient server was always happy to give his input. We also had some minor requests (fat-free milk for coffee, Sugar in the Raw packets, not disturbing the bloggers during the 20 or so minutes it takes to photograph every plate of food) and all were easily accommodated.

Here’s a look at the typical 4-top at the restaurant, which is where we were seated.

Mickey & Friends at Topolino’s Terrace

A big part of what you’re paying for is character interaction, and the characters here took their time with each table, even lingering for any last-minute photos or video requests. Much like any character experiences, dressing with the theme of the resort, bringing props, or even just taking an autograph book can really liven up the interaction here. Take a note from me and buy a $10 beret from Target and Mickey and Minnie will love showing you theirs.

Minnie (Poet)

Minnie is dressed as a poet, with pages from her published work comprising her sassy A-line dress. The black and white dress is accentuated by a red belt, striped red undershirt, and a white and red beret.

Mickey (Painter)

Mickey also sports a beret, but he’s wearing some fun paint-splattered overalls as a painter.

I love how their pockets each contain items like a pen and notebook for Minnie and (stained) paintbrushes for Mickey. They’re prepared for when inspiration strikes!

Donald (Sculptor)

In a similar fashion, Donald wears a clay-dusted apron as a sculptor! He still sticks to his usual blue and red color palette with a striped blue undershirt and red neck scarf.

Daisy (Dancer)

Daisy, feminine as always, is a classically trained dancer and wears an aqua bodysuit with a pink headscarf and tutu.

Topolino’s Terrace Breakfast – Menu

Breakfast à la Art – Shared Pastries

Upon being seated, you’re offered a glass of “Riviera Sunshine”, which is basically POG (passion fruit, orange, guava) by another name. Still delicious, though, and a nice, familiar offering to be welcomed with.

Breakfast begins with fresh pastries—chocolate-chip muffins, croissants, and lots of honey butter, house-made jam, and chocolate-hazelnut mousse to smear and slather on. One of the more unique bread offerings here is the Epi bread—a rustic pull-apart baguette shaped like a wheat stalk. Pastries are presented in a very cute painter’s inspired basket very reminiscent of the ones used aboard the Disney Cruise Line in Animator’s Palate.

All of the spreads were delicious, although I am partial to the citrus butter at Grand Floridian Cafe over this honey version. As far as the pastries go, they were all very fresh. There’s a bit of everything for everyone here, and if you happen to really love the croissants (or anything else in the basket), don’t hesitate to ask for a few more.

Best of all, you get to smear on all of the goodness with this amazing little paintbrush butter knife––another detail taken from Animator’s Palate.

Breakfast à la Art – Entrees

While the pastries cover the continental style things, you get to choose from a number of entrees, like Quiche Gruyère with house-made pancetta, Sour Cream Waffle, Wood-fired Butchers Steak, Smoked Salmon, Spiced Sausage Hash, Two Eggs Any Style, plant-based “Egg” Omelet, and more.

Spiced Sausage Hash

Poached Hen Egg, English Muffin, Potatoes, Pearl Onions, Choron Sauce, Fines Herbes

Here you have a homely dish elevated through presentation with a nest of seasoned potatoes and sautéed onions. Topped off with microgreens, a layer of tangy choron sauce (which is like a slightly spicy Béarnaise) tops off a perfectly poached egg, which rests on half of an English muffin.

The carb-on-carb action in this dish makes it fairly hearty and filling, and trust us, the hash tastes a lot better than it looks.

The sausage used here is very flavorful and spicy, and when melded with the poached egg, makes for an excellent bite. Best of all, there’s plenty of yolk to spread on everything, making each forkful a creamy, spicy toothsome affair.

Sour Cream Waffles

Roasted Apples, Chantilly, Orange-Maple Syrup, choice of Smoked Bacon, Ham, Sausage, or Plant-based Sausage

We didn’t expect much from these unassuming waffles, but they’re fluffy and fresh, and we could happily drown in that thick, pillowy Chantilly cream. The waffles here were soft, but not soggy, and all of the fruit used was very high quality, from the roasted apples to the raspberries that dotted the crevices.

We opted for a plant-based sausage here to try something new, and the table was split on whether they liked it or not. They’re using Beyond brand sausages here, and they’re heavy on the fennel, so if you’re fennel averse like me, you might want to skip it or opt for something else.

Croissant au Jambon

Ham, Brie, Béchamel, Field Greens, Lemon Vinaigrette

Truth be told, we all fought over who got to try out this dish, and I was the happy winner of the Croissant au Jambon… or so I thought.

While this is arguably one of the most beautiful dishes on the menu, it just isn’t much to write home about. A ham and cheese croissant is all this is. Is it made with quality brie, a really good Béchamel, and smokey roast ham? Yes, but I’d be hard pressed to feel it’s a good value at $41 per person.

Don’t get me wrong––the flavors here all work, but there’s little that can go wrong in a croissant sandwich. All of the components are delicious, therefore it is delicious, but it’s just far too easy and simple a dish. That being said, this would be great for people who don’t mind losing out on value and would rather eat a light breakfast anyway… but I’m warning you, you will be hungry a few short hours after your expensive character breakfast.

As someone who leans on vegetarian, I’d be interested to see if they’d be willing to make this with just all brie, but again, you’re better off just getting a cheaper version of this from Primo Piatto, the quick service downstairs.

Wood-fired Butchers Steak

Polenta, Pomodoraccio Tomatoes, Roasted Onions, Wild Mushroom Conserva, Watercress

And now, on to a very non-vegetarian option on the menu, but arguably the best one. We never know what to expect from steaks at Walt Disney World. Either the cut is bad, or they’re burnt to a crisp… this was neither of those. This not only is your best value at Topolino’s for breakfast, it’s one of the best steaks we’ve had on property as of late.

I know hunkering down with a steak isn’t what everyone thinks of when they think of breakfast, but we highly recommend that you try this. The steak is tender, cooked to an actual medium rare… which is rare for most restaurants on property. It comes sliced in thick medallions on top of a super creamy polenta, and when the steak juices mix with the polenta and roasted vegetables, it makes for an incredible flavor explosion.

Breakfast à la Art – Specialty Coffees

Riviera Resort Blend French Press (for one 6/ for two 9)

Featuring Artisanal Roasted Joffrey’s Coffee™

The two coffee fiends at the table needed their fix, so we figured, why not try the house press pot? I’m not one to hate on Joffrey’s––and it isn’t a Joffrey’s problem, restaurants on property just don’t know how to properly make French press coffee, which is a shame given the resort’s Italian and French influence.

The coffee was cloudy and flavorless. If you need your coffee in the morning, opt for the regular cup o’ joe that comes included with the price. Don’t tack on an extra $6-9 for the press pot, not even for the ‘gram.

Breakfast à la Art – Specialty Cocktails

Seasonal Mimosa – $13.00

Saint-Hilaire Blanquette de Limoux Brut, Pomegranate

We tried the Pomegranate Mimosa, which was excellent. There’s a subtle pomegranate flavor that may have been complimented well by the added Elderflower ice cube. Whatever the combo was, it worked. This was a nice, light breakfast beverage.

Riviera Bloody Mary – $14.00

Grey Goose Le Citron Vodka, Spicy Bloody Mary Mix

The Riviera Bloody Mary was well-balanced, and that’s coming from someone that usually doesn’t like them. It wasn’t overly spiced or heavily seasoned, either. A great option if you typically enjoy them.

Classic Bellini – $13.00

Nino Franco Rustico Prosecco Superiore, Peach Juice, Raspberry Purée

This was an above-average Bellini. Not the usual Italy Pavilion syrupy mess, but actual fruit juice with pulpy evidence. Well balanced, too. A must if you’re in the mood for one.

Topolino’s Terrace Breakfast – Outdoor Patio and Views

While breakfast isn’t served out on the patio, it’s definitely worth taking a stroll out and taking in the amazing sights.

Topolino’s Terrace Breakfast – Overall

Toppolino’s Terrace is a rare intersection of quality food, characters, and a spacious environment for such an offering. It’s the most laid-back, delicious, and reasonably priced character meal at Walt Disney World, at least for now.

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  1. As an artist myself, I can really appreciate the theming that went into this fun breakfast. Even though my family is past the point of needing character meets now (sadly, though I still enjoy them occasionally), I look forward to trying this breakfast some day and maybe using our DVC points to stay here after it has been open for a while. Thanks for the great report.

  2. Do you get to order more than 1 entree? Or does everyone just pick one thing? I’m sure y’all got to try everything on the menu. I just wasn’t sure if this was like other restaurants where they will keep bringing you food if you ask. Just a bit confusing. I’d like to go there in a few weeks. Your answer will help me decide if it’s worth it or not. Thanks!

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