PHOTOS: Exterior Panels and Dormer Added to Upcoming Structure at Entrance to the Magic Kingdom

Hello from the Magic Kingdom! Or more specifically, from the construction site that is Magic Kingdom’s entrance. When guests arrive off the monorail, ferry, or bus, they’re greeted with a mess of green construction walls. All of these “enhancements” (as they’re called by Disney) are happening in preparation for Walt Disney World Resort’s 50th anniversary.

The most noticeable progress has been on the structure nearest Seven Seas Lagoon.

Since our last update, construction wrap has been put on the structure, covering the insulation. The building’s exterior panels have begun to go up.

On the underside of the roof’s eaves, paneling has been installed.

The same panels have been added to the underside of the open air section’s ceiling. Lighting fixtures have been hung. The bulbs match the other lights around Magic Kingdom’s front entrance. Gutters have been attached to the front of the building’s roof, as well.

A new gabled dormer has appeared on top of the rooftop. This dormer is the first theming element added to the building. Metal roofing has been applied to part of the roof.

The red concrete now stretches the full length of the construction site. In our last update, the new concrete was only under the structure.

The interior side of the building has been completely enclosed.

A retaining wall has been built toward the end of the structure.

Our best guess is that this structure is going to be a new security screening area for guests traveling to the Magic Kingdom from resorts on the new gold line ferry. The new gold line ferry dock is currently under construction. As for the enclosed portion at the end of the structure, we’re thinking this could be possible guest service windows.

It’s exciting to see theming elements being added to this new structure. We’re interested to see how it will change the appearance of Magic Kingdom’s entrance. Keep checking WDWNT for updates on all of the construction happening around the Disney Parks.

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