VIDEO: Family Recreates Final Scene of Carousel of Progress for Virtual Christmas Card

Happy Holidays from all of us at WDW News Today! We wanted to spread the holiday cheer by sharing a wonderful video recreation a family made of the fourth act of the Carousel of Progress.

This recreation is the virtual Christmas card of the Hamilton, Farber, and Wanamaker family (plus their “Rover” Koby and a guest appearance by their cat Moody.) They posted their video to YouTube today and it’s drummed up some traction on social media already. The video, which is modeled after the last scene of the Carousel of Progress, is well done with all the lines in the scene faithfully recreated.

The video stated that it was made as a “genuine homage to the attraction and the brilliant Imagineers behind it.” We, for one, believe this is a very creative alternative to the traditional Christmas card and congratulate the Hamilton, Farber, and Wanamaker family on a job well done.

From all of us at WDW News Today, we’d like to wish you a great, big, beautiful holiday season and New Year!

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Frann Rappaport
Frann Rappaport
1 year ago

So fun!!!!!

Beisal MacHenry
Beisal MacHenry
1 year ago

I wouldn’t call it a recreation. Someone tell those parents to get that boy a haircut. What the heck is that ponytail hanging off the front of his head?

Joe gillespie
1 year ago

That was so beautiful I’m crying Walt Disney himself would be proud