New Permit Indicates Chicken Guy! at Disney Springs Will Be “Remodeled” Soon

Chicken Guy!, the recently opened Guy Fieri themed fast food restaurant, looks set for a large scale refurbishment. Opened in the Summer of 2018, Chicken Guy! boasts a menu full of fried chicken that can be paired with 22 different sauces.

However, a “restaurant remodel” permit was filed today with Orange County, which doesn’t define the scope of the work but the broad wording of the permit seems to indicate the work could be quite extensive. While listing “Planet Hollywood” as the owner of the location, Suite A is specific address for Chicken Guy!, which resides on the ground floor of Planet Hollywood Observatory.

Chicken Guy! has been expanding of late, with there now being four locations across the country with more on the way, which means the work could be related to creating a consistent design for all of the locations. The Disney Springs location of Chicken Guy! was the first to open, and was brought to fruition thanks to a partnership between Planet Hollywood and Guy Fieri himself. The restaurant is a victim of its own popularity though, often boasting a line so long that it spills out of the building, and never seeming to offer enough seating for the amount of people who want to dine there. Expanded seating and indoor restrooms will be added as a part of the restaurant remodel, and Cast Members at the location have mentioned that the restaurant will not be closing during the expansion.

We will keep you updated on this project as more details emerge.