PHOTO REPORT: EPCOT 12/11/19 (Pluto Meet & Greet Moved, The Seas Tank Maintenance, Regal Eagle Smokehouse Construction, and More)

Good day from EPCOT! Today, we stopped by to see what’s new in everyone’s favorite Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow.

Crowds were pretty light this morning, despite the warm December weather.

These ropes were covering a large crack in the cement work over by one of the former Leave a Legacy monoliths. This, of course, will eventually become a non-issue once the side of the entrance is overhauled.

We also noticed that Pluto had been moved from where he has been greeting guests in front of the EPCOT mural and an area was roped off to keep guests out.

Instead, Pluto was moved forward of his former location and was greeting guests closer to the turnstiles.

As we walked into the park, cast members on both sides of the walkway showered guests with bubbles.

Despite being earmarked for a move any day now, Art of Disney remains open for guests near Spaceship Earth.

Over by the former Fountain of Nations site, ropes were keeping guests away from this metal grate around a palm tree. It had previously been covered with a wood piece.

Several guest relations cast members were stationed along the construction walls to help guests with directions.

In The Seas with Nemo and Friends, divers were hard at work cleaning the manatee tank.

One of the two escalators was still out of service.

The line of guests to get into the Innoventions Character Spot was quite long this morning. Perhaps they got word that some of these characters may be moving locations soon?

Beyond here, you’ll enter another dimension…

Perhaps a dimension where 2019 merchandise is considered a new arrival with 2020 less than a month away?

The EPCOT fireworks crew was getting the barges ready for tonight’s showing of EPCOT Forever.

Over at the International Gateway, the mystery construction scrim that was up by the smoking area has been removed.

A section of the walkway just inside the turnstiles has also been blocked off and looks set for some repaving.

In France, cast members helped count down the opening of World Showcase with some celebratory pixie dust and confetti.

If anyone is looking for an oversized white tent, you can pick this one up in Morocco in the market. It is retailing for $2,500. The photo in the frame shows what the tent looks like when it is set up.

Our pets deserve pampering too, don’t you think?

The Regal Eagle Smokehouse site is expanding quickly.

Workers this morning were hard at work getting the restaurant ready for its anticipated winter opening.

Just in front of the entry to the America pavilion, we noticed this mysterious green box structure next to a trash can. We aren’t sure what is underneath it, but time will tell.

Heritage Manor, the future site of Art of Disney, is still closed off with black curtains blocking the views inside.

Be sure to not miss your train while in Germany!

Over in Mexico, this section of the entrance into the pavilion was closed off to guests.

Inside, a blue curtain obstructed the doorway on the other side.

That does it for out visit to EPCOT. Stay tuned for the latest updates at WDWNT!

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10 months ago

If maintenance doesn’t keep up with the Living Seas, attendance could really TANK.